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Feel the Burn – Walkthrough (Phineas Walkthrough)

Phineas’ Walkthrough. Last walkthrough from the mini event! Yay!

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Dry As Fruitcake: Walkthrough

Peter starts. This seems a bit of an extra walkthrough for week 4, you will need Peter, Meg, Stewie, Brian and Quagmire.

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Walkthrough: It’s better to give

This questline will start after you have completed That’s a Wrap Part. 2 (Have Jerome Wrap Secret Santa Gift)

You will need: Peter, Herbert, Chris, Quagmire and Jerome.

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The Alien Inside Me: Walkthrough (complete)

It’s awesome that Roger is finally here, not so awesome that his spaceship takes 16 HOURS to build.

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Walkthrough: Unmentionable Secret

This is the walkthrough for the run up to getting Intimate Apparel Peter.
Have Peter, Bonnie, Bruce and Quagmire free.

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Which Bitch is Which? Walkthrough

Bitch Brian and Bitch Stewie combined walkthrough.

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Walkthrough: I’m Not Saying it’s Aliens

Walkthrough for questline I’m not saying its Aliens.
You will need: Bonnie, Quagmire, Stan, Peter and Bruce.

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Walkthrough: Clam Day Catastrophe

This the the walkthrough for the main questline for this weeks update.

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Halloween Houses – Quagmire, Swanson and Griffin

There have been 3 halloween skins added for the Griffin House, Swanson house and Quagmires house. But are they worth buying?

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So, How Are YOU Doing With District 8?

Hello, my favorite blog readers in all the world. Now that we’re a full 5 days out from the District 8 update, I’d love to hear how YOU are progressing with all of the new content. Instead of asking you to go down the list of how many of each various item you have collected, just let the world know how many clams it currently asks you for to unlock each character/suit, and what items you’ve been having the biggest problems with.

Starting out, it wanted:
1,665 clams to unlock Stewie
1,000 clams for PB&J Brian
575 clams for Falconer Peter
675 clams for Carter Pewterschmidt

As of this moment (11 pm PST, Wednesday) it will cost me:
1,328 clams for Stewie (was less before I used 15 Jewels towards Carter–only 8/30 right now)
375 clams for PB&J Brian (done with Maracas & coming along ok with the rest–except for dang banana peels)
215 clams for Falconer Peter (done with meat chunks, but just 2/5 leather gloves–Joe continually lets me down on them)
71 clams for Carter (done with money and Jewels)

I think the hardest item for me is a tie between the Blueprints and the Banana Peels… I would have bought a premium building that dropped either/both of these (leather gloves too!). I have bought one Family Jewels, pLace, and one Buncha Junk shop so far to help with other stuff.

How are YOU progressing? What are YOUR thoughts on the new content? Spent any clams on the new buildings available? I’d love to hear from you!
Thanks for reading & happy tapping!