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Homemade Valentines GONE?????

Well there is a new update in the game that allows you to collect for Joe’s Affection. You can either win Bumper Buddies Bumper Cars (love prize) or Liquid Sorrow Liquor Store (hate prize). The love prize is a DECORATION.


Any onwards to the slight issue that is the real reason for this post…..

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Dry As Fruitcake: Walkthrough

Peter starts. This seems a bit of an extra walkthrough for week 4, you will need Peter, Meg, Stewie, Brian and Quagmire.

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Do You See What I See? – Walkthrough

This is the second of the KISS related content for the Christmas week 4 update. Peter will start you off and this part is slightly cheaper than the Gene Simmons part and will cost you 100 clams.
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Costume: What can you make Elf Peter do?

Elf Peter can be won from the freemium polka dot mystery box (1000 cookies). The costume is listed as rare but I got it on attempt number 4. He has his own quest line which will kick off after you have the costume or after part three of a very Jewish Christmas (which ever you get to sooner!).

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Continued, A Very Jewish Christmas: Walkthrough

Part 1 will be added to this walkthrough when I get 5 minutes, but until then part 2 has kicked off and it all starts with Peter.

You must have Hanukkah Mort to see this quest line.

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Walkthrough: It’s better to give

This questline will start after you have completed That’s a Wrap Part. 2 (Have Jerome Wrap Secret Santa Gift)

You will need: Peter, Herbert, Chris, Quagmire and Jerome.

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Roger Run Amok: Walkthrough

Should it be “Roger RUNS amok”?! Anyway, here is the second walkthrough as part of the final week of American Dad.

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Walkthrough: Feeling Gorge-ous

Walkthrough for the questline – Feeling Gorge-ous!
You will need: Bonnie, Lois, Peter, Mort, Chris free


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Walkthrough: Unmentionable Secret

This is the walkthrough for the run up to getting Intimate Apparel Peter.
Have Peter, Bonnie, Bruce and Quagmire free.

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Who is this?!

The official Facebook page has posted a teaser image for the next part of the update…..
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