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Android Update!

TinyCo released version 1.0.12 for all the Android users, find out what’s new:
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SPECULATION: What do you think…

…will happen this week?

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Mummy Spawn Rate

UPDATED: The constant respawning of the mummies bug will be fixed with the new upcoming update!

I have the answers to all your questions! If you would like to know how often the mummies will reappear in your Quahog, then look no further…
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Update: Quests fixed!

I am receiving lots of reports from readers/players that you should now receive the quests in your game! Let me know if your game is working now!

The Pyramid Has Opened…

UPDATED: TinyCo are working on a fix for anyone experiencing problems. They have said it is their top priority!

UPDATED: Pictures added. Also, I know a lot of you have been experiencing problems with the mummies and the game crashing, I have messaged TinyCo and will update once I hear back

Although a lot of players are experiencing server connection problems, you might want to know what you will expect once you can get into your game:

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UPDATED: The full list of tasks and the new double payouts is now complete!

TinyCo have been very generous and given us double Moon Idols, maybe it is to make up for the glitch – when the Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon event was planned, we were meant to be able to collect Moon Idols from visiting friends towns, but a bug stopped that from happening!

Here is a list of all the tasks and new payouts for each Moon Idol earning character:

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WALKTHROUGH: Quagmire’s Old Lady

After the pyramid has opened, you will be greeted with the Quagmire’s Old Lady quests:

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New Weekend Deal – 06/06/2014 – This Weekend Only!

With the mini update which introduced the double Moon Idol payout for the shrines and Museum, along came another deal:
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WALKTHROUGH: The Temple of Booze

Once you open the pyramid after waiting a week, would you like to see what happens next:
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Mini update: Double the booty!

A mini in-game update has happened while I was sleeping again, but it seems like a good thing to be waking up too!
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