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Share: King Butt’s Stats!

I have King Butt unlocked so I can’t give you my daily stats on unlocking King Butt and collecting his EPIC items, so I thought that you could all share how you are getting along with the items, your thoughts about the unlocking process and anything else King Butt related!


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What’s Missing?

Although I totally think all these old items should have make a come back a few at a time every #ThrowbackThursday I can see how that might have taken a while!

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King Butt’s Timer!

We have heard back from TinyCo regarding King Butt’s Timer! As we all noticed, King Butt had no indication of having a timer – there isn’t one above his head, not associated with a timed task, and it isn’t stated when you look at his item list, and this is why:


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Best of 2014 Character: How Do I Unlock King Butt?

TWO NEW TASKS HAVE BEEN ADDED! The new tasks are bold!

How many players are HAPPY that King Butt has come back? If you visit the official Facebook much, you might be thinking the same as me – “TinyCo do listen to player’s wants and needs!” – and King Butt is FREEMIUM! Find out how to unlock King Butt below:

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‘Best of 2014’ FAQS

We are going to be greeted with some old and familiar faces! Some of you may have been playing and missed out on what has arrived in Quahog… or you may not have been playing when they first made their cameo into our Quahog’s… either way, TinyCo has given all their players a second chance, but for a limited time only!
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Quick Update – King Butt’s Throne

Just to let you all know that King Butt’s Throne can now be stored! Enjoy the free space, I know how much you have wanted to place the throne in your inventory!

Are you going to store yours? Keep it out as a nice memory? Let us know!

Poll Results: How many Moon Idols do you have?

Find out what the average amount of Moon Idols that players managed to obtain during the event and whether you were within the same bracket! Maybe TinyCo will read this and lower the targets if they hold a similiar event!

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King Butt’s Tasks

A little late but better to be late than never! Find King Butt’s tasks and earnings below:

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POLL: Rate the Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon event!

GLITCH: Keep those shots coming…

Did you claim the last prize – King Butt – without thinking but wished you hadn’t because it ended the Jelly-Yo shots feature suddenly?

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