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Star Trek: Spoiler alert!

We have the folks over at Tiny Co to thank for sending us a sneak peek of something that will be available to us when that exciting new update hits!
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Fine Arts District – The Walkthroughs

This is where I will collate the walkthroughs that make up the Fine Arts District 🙂
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Valentine’s Character: What can you make Arnold Schwarzenegger do?

If you do choose to spend the 250 clams you will be able to earn more love or hate hearts. But who cares about those?! Its Arnie!


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Earning Homemade Valentines

These are the people we have noticed will earn you homemade valentines!

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Valentines Costume: What can you make Handsome Peter do?

He is a dignified member of the beautiful people club can you see why?! This muscular Peter will complete costume set #2 for Peter if you already have: Mermaid Peter, Anime Peter, Hooker Peter and good old normal Peter (obviously). For completion you will get 25 free clams!

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Valentines Character: What can you make Ida Davis do?

Welcome to Quagmires dadmom or momdad! She is voiced and she is available to collect for once you complete My Fair Lady Pt.1.


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40% off Consuela! And Dia de Los Muertos prizes!

The moment i’ve been waiting for since the beginning of this game. The 300 clam Consuela w/Consuela’s house, was reduced 40% to 180 clams!!!!


You can get a Dia de Los Muertos costume for her through the new Rupert box that costs 500 vials per try as well as several other related items… Not sure if it has repeat items, there’s info about all these wonderful items in a previous post! But i’m just so excited that i finally got Consuela!

Way to make my Halloween, the gift that keeps on…no…no…no…..Happy Halloween!

Blam! Sponsored Mystery (not a waste of clams/your time) Box!

Hey finally a way to spend all that hard earned Blam! and it’s on prizes/crap you want! And what a bonus, you don’t have to spend a few bucks worth of clams to get it!

Rupert box

The Sexy Rupert Blam! Mystery Box has awesome prizes listed below. And I don’t know about how it went for you but it had a great payoff rate for me.

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Gathering Ice Cream Sundaes…a little tip from the pros.

You’ve probably noticed by now that collecting Ice Cream Sundaes for Blobulous is a real bitch. So here’s a tip.

If you have batteries saved up. Clear Giant Stewie with the requested pesticide. While the countdown for Giant Stewie is counting down for his return, Zap regular mutant stewie off a town building, as many times as you can (which should be 4).

When you do that you have a chance for pesticides or Ice Cream Sundaes. But while Giant Stewie is counting down til his return, you can only earn Ice Cream Sundaes. (Just look at the Zapper Gun and what it can result in).

I just tried this on two regular building clean offs. Got blam and exp the first time, the second time I got an Ice Cream sundae!

This isn’t a glitch and your chance of getting the Sundae are “extra rare” but while I was clearing buildings without Giant Stewie, i pretty much only got Pesticides… so this may or may not increase chances, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

Enjoy a real ice cream sundae at home. I recommend Phish Food by Ben and Jerry’s. It’s rad.


Stan Lee, the man, the myth, the legend…ary character coming to the game this friday.

If you’ve signed onto your app then this little ditty probably loaded up.

Stan Lee preview

Stan Lee the amazing superstar whose made appearances in such films as Spiderman, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Mallrats, oh and i guess he has something to do with creating Comic Books or something like that, hit’s the game on Friday. “Marvel” in his awesomeness as we’ll probably get some new “Incredible” decorations to collect as well as other buildings that will increase drops of items, tasks, “X”cetera.
(See what i did there!)

There’s also note about Mutant Stewie transforming again and we will battle him with a “new weapon”. Kinda wish they would just tell us to use up the pesticide or not. Took me a long time to save up as many as i have now to get the full bonus. But they keep asking for the same flavor. Ugggg…

Well until Friday, Tap hard.