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My Valentine’s Stats! (Day 3)

In this post, I will be sharing how many HV I have banked, what I have spent HV on, what I am saving up for, how many items I have collected for Handsome Peter and how many LOVE or HATE hearts I have collected since I won Peter’s LOVE prize!

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UPDATED: Valentines Day update Week One Walkthroughs

New quests, Clam offer and complete Beautiful People quest!

This complete guide to week 1 contains the following walkthroughs:
The Beautiful People Including Handsome Peter

A Prickly Situation

Love Is In The Air

My Fair Lady Ida walkthrough

Clams and Muscles Arnold Schwarzenegger walkthrough

Workout to Earn Valentines



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Guide to Valentine’s Day!

UPDATED: Arnie has been added!

Love is in the Air… The update has finally hit and we have so much in our games! Find out everything you will need to know about the Valentine’s Day event – WEEK 1!


When you first go in your game, you will notice the snow has all melted… And this pop-up:


Changes to PDA Couples

– Increased Spawn Count to 8 of each
– Increased Countdown Time to 3 minutes (from two minutes)
– Decreased Spawn timer from 4 hours to 3 hours

TinyCo are still looking for a way to make it clearer which are the Fighting or Enamored couples, so it will change soon!

TIP from AnothrAddict: Hint for LOVE couples. When the couple stops, he lifts his leg.

TIP from JP: If I may share a tip with you regards the PDA couple: what I did was first store in the inventory all unnecessary characters that don’t help with this event as well as all moving decos that may be distracting to study the couples’ movements. Then I proceeded to remove all the roads in my city except for a little straight strip of road in front of Peter’s house since that’s where my game starts at whenever I load the game. The PDA couples will then spawn on this strip of road in front of Peter’s house. Without any distractions from other character and moving decos roaming about, I wait until the man of the couple raises his leg to tap them for a heart or wait until the woman of the couple smacks the man to tap them for a broken heart.

Hope I was clear enough as this way is working out fine to get heart/broken hearts 😛

Changes to PDA couples!

Just to be clear about the new animation you’ll be seeing: 

You’ll now see a little animation above their head of which heart they’ll drop. 

Fighting couples = a cloud of broken purple hearts will be animating above their heads 
Enamored couples = a cloud of red full hearts will be animation above their heads

Hope this helps!


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Earning Homemade Valentines

These are the people we have noticed will earn you homemade valentines!

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Valentines Costume: What can you make Handsome Peter do?

He is a dignified member of the beautiful people club can you see why?! This muscular Peter will complete costume set #2 for Peter if you already have: Mermaid Peter, Anime Peter, Hooker Peter and good old normal Peter (obviously). For completion you will get 25 free clams!

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