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Dog Multiverse Event Walkthru’s

Now here are the walkthru’s as I am coming to them..

For My Dogs pt 1

Place Multiverse Machine 60 seconds

For My Dogs pt 2

Have Chris run around with bucket on head 4hrs

Have Peter be financially irresponsible 6hrs

Have Lois get day drunk 6hrs

For My Dogs pt 3

Place McKibbletown

Collect rent from McKibbletown

For My Dogs pt 4

Clear 5 Holly the humans

Have Chris be a smelly teenager 2hrs

For My Dogs pt 5

Place Chew Toy Emporium

Collect rent from Chew Toy Emporium

For My Dogs pt 6

Clear 3 Henry the Humans

Have Chris trim toenails on couch

Place Pawtucket Chewery-Build time 4 hours

For My Dogs pt 7

Clear 20 Holly the humans

Clear 15 Henry the humans

Have Quagmire contract another STD

For My Dogs pt 8

Place the Drunken Water Dish

Collect Rent from the Drunken Water Dish

(I really wish that I would have known to place that before Dog Mart Super Store-I didn’t know which one would be required in the walk throughs and the 25 dog treats was a little expensive)

For My Dogs pt 9

Have Sheepdog Chris brush shaggy hair 8hrs

Have Chris fat kid hula hoop

For My Dogs pt 10

Have Wolfdog Quagmire look out for dogs in heat

Have Quagmire drink at the Clam

This is the end of this Questline

I’m only human pt 1 (I bought human Brian for 250 clams)

Have human Brian feed a squirrel 4hrs

Have Peter overeat 6hrs

Have Chris draw adventure comic

I’m only Human pt 2

Have Human Brian stick head out of car window 4 hrs

Have Peter cook disgusting veggies 4hrs

Have Chris fat kid hula hoop 4 hrs

I’m only Human pt 3

Have Human Brian play pool 8hrs

Have Peter Stub his knee 2hrs

Have Chris run around with bucket on head

I’m only human pt 4

Have Human Brian eat from the table

Have Peter be lonely

Have Chris miss Brian

I’m only Human pt 5

Have human Brian avoid being neutered 2hrs

Have Peter hang out at the Clam 2hrs

Have Chris hang out at home 2hrs

That is the end of this Quest line.

I set both the Chew Toy Emporium & McKibbletown-both take an hour to build.. One enables you to unlock Sheepdog Chris, the other Wolfdog Quagmire.

Beauties and the Beast pt 1

Unlock Wolfdog Quagmire

Beauties and the Beast pt 2

Have Wolfdog Quagmire bark at the phone 6hrs

Have Lois freshen up 6hrs

Have Bonnie go to Ladies’ night 6hrs

Beauties and the Beast pt 3

Have Wolfdog Quagmire give in to animal instincts

Have Lois smack her boob 16hrs

Have Bonnie abuse jacuzzi jets 8hrs

Beauties and the Beast pt 4

Have Wolfdog Quagmire follow Lois 8hrs

Have Bonnie hold a bake sale 10hrs

This is the end of this Quest line

Shagged out Pt 1

Unlock Sheepdog Chris

Shagged out pt 2

Have Sheepdog Chris lick himself

Have Jerome host a happy hour

Have Quagmire Giggity strut

Shagged out pt 3

Have Sheepdog Chris chase his tail 8 hrs

Have Jerome Bake Sandy Scones 8hrs

Have Quagmire enjoy Carrots 8hrs

Shagged out pt 4

Have Sheepdog Chris ruin dinner 16 hrs

Have Jerome bring cultural diversity 14hrs

Have Quagmire drink at the Clam

That is the end of that Questline