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Vol.3 Mystery Box – Third times a charm?

So we had an update yesterday. We also had one Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday….. I’m getting old). Now there is another?! What could be in this one?!
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What’s Missing?

Although I totally think all these old items should have make a come back a few at a time every #ThrowbackThursday I can see how that might have taken a while!

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Blast from the Past: Using Old Buildings

A great number of people have been griping about the lack of interactive game play from buildings gained in past events. These buildings from Comic-Con now need to come back out of your inventory as they are needed to help unlock Hayley and Steve Smith… if you don’t already own these buildings, TinyCo has brought them all back for Clams!

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September Competition winner

This is an announcement to share who won the September Competition:

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September Competition: Voting

It’s that time again… you need to vote for who you want to win!

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Complete Comic-Con Overview

I have compiled this post so you guys can read a whole overview of just how big the Comic-Con event was! (Images are being added currently)
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Having trouble finding the directors chairs?

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Thats all folks!


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Celebrity Director Chairs!

Are you unsure where the celebs chairs are? Well, we don’t have them right now but… we will soon!


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Page 7 is live!

Just checked my game and found page 7! Can’t see anything else at the moment though… let me know if you do!
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