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Announcement: Mayor West

I know this might be a little late for some Quahoggers, but I have been busy collecting Pies and Horns, so just to update the players that do not already know:

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UPDATE: The end date and time in the game files could be wrong…

I asked TinyCo for an exact end date and time, whilst mentioning the 10/05/2014, and this was there reply:

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Announcement: 4000+ Hits, Comp Ending and a New Menu

Hello Quahoggers!


A quick post to say thank you to all the loyal readers out there that helped this blog reach 4000+ hits, especially the top commenter: thelittleprince, and a special thank you to a fellow German Family Guy blogger that thanked me for my hard work and even used some of my information for their own article (and linked back to my post) – Ruediger!


*REMINDER* Last chance to submit any ideas for the Big Clam Giveaway Competition, there is only 5 hours left so if you want to enter, go to the Competitions tab, which is underneath the Family Guy picture on the homepage.


Finding it hard to navigate or to find older posts? I have made a new menu, found on the homepage http://www.familyguytips.com If you scroll down to just underneath the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff game picture, you will find the NEW MENU which will help you navigate around and find all previous posts (saving you scrolling down forever!) on particular subjects!


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McBurgertown Farming!

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff on Facebook have just announced that we are not going to be allowed to buy and place more than one McBurgertown in our Quahog towns. Continue reading McBurgertown Farming!

Announcement: Social is back up and running!

A quick post just to let you all know that the social features of the game are now back up and running, and there have been reports that people have managed to get a Clam in every single friend’s Quahog town.

Remember: If you need more friends (so you have more chances of finding free Clams) go to the Friends post and add yourself!


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Social Closed for Maintenance

If you go onto Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff today, you will receive a message telling you that the social features of the game are undergoing maintenance.

According to Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Facebook page, this means that you cannot visit any of your friends Quahog towns, or invite anyone to play. If you have only just started playing, this would put two of the quests you receive near the beginning – Quahog Connections Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 – on hold as they require you to connect to Facebook and invite 5 friends. You receive 5 Clams for each of the parts to this quest, so you might have to wait to earn some free Clams.
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