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What Grinds YOUR Gears?

Welcome to our Monday post – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


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Warning: Klaus Timer!

We are still awaiting confirmation from TinyCo whether the timer will disappear when the American Dad event ends so we have some advice:

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My Fat Lois, Francine and Roger Stats!

I have seen lots of comments here talking about the drop rates for certain items that are needed to unlock Fat Lois, Francine and Roger! I thought I would share which items I am finding difficult to collect:
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Roger’s Task Icons!

Here are the task icons for Roger – I have put all of the icons where Roger is dressed up below!


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Klaus – in game images and his dialogue!

For anyone wanting to see that attitude filled fishy…..
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The Alien Inside Me: Walkthrough (complete)

It’s awesome that Roger is finally here, not so awesome that his spaceship takes 16 HOURS to build.

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Roger Run Amok: Walkthrough

Should it be “Roger RUNS amok”?! Anyway, here is the second walkthrough as part of the final week of American Dad.

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Character: How Do I Unlock Roger?

Here is the breakdown of what you will need to collect to unlock Roger:

UPDATE: If you have any available characters that will help unlock Roger – place those characters on the tasks below and do not tap them until the spaceship has completed for a chance of dropping items needed!


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Timed Quest/Challenge!

Once you have finished hiding Roger one last time – a timed quest will appear – ‘There’s a Fish too!’!

If you do not Tap on Stan after you have built Roger’s Spaceship – the challenge will not begin so timer will not start!


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Roger is here!

Quick post to let you know Roger has arrived! You do not need to have Francine unlocked!

You will need to hide Roger for 1 hour, once this is completed – you will unlock Roger’s Spaceship, which takes 16 hours to build! DO NOT TAP STAN AFTER HIDING ROGER – this will start the timer for the challenge!