Do you need some help with a particular quest? Instead of scrolling through a whole district walkthrough, here are the individual quests:


District 1 Quests:
Quest for Cable

The Road to Rebuilding Pt. 1

The Road to Rebuilding Pt. 2

Bonnie’s Bake Sale Pt. 1

Bonnie’s Bake Sale Pt. 2

Shape up, Quahog Pt. 1

Shape up, Quahog Pt. 2

Quest for Quagmire Pt. 1

Quest for Quagmire Pt. 2

Put Some Bling On It

Check Out FaceSpace

Clam Juice Pt. 1

Clam Juice Pt. 2

Clam Juice Pt. 3

Clam Juice Pt. 4

Clam Juice Pt. 5

The Great Quahog Multiverse



District 2 Quests:
I am Legend… In Bed Pt. 1

I am Legend… In Bed Pt. 2

I am Legend… In Bed Pt. 3

I am Legend… In Bed Pt. 4

I am Legend… In Bed Pt. 5

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Quahog Connection Pt. 1

Quahog Connection Pt. 2

Choose Your Own Decoration

Rose-Colored Stunna Shades Pt. 1

Rose-Colored Stunna Shades Pt. 2

Rose-Colored Stunna Shades Pt. 3

Rose-Colored Stunna Shades Pt. 4

Serious Blockage Pt. 1

The Beer Necessities

Ham It Up

Quahog’s Got Talent Pt. 1

Quahog’s Got Talent Pt. 2

Quahog’s Got Talent Pt. 3

Quahog’s Got Talent Pt. 4

No, no, no… Pt. 1

No, no, no… Pt. 2

Odd Jobs Pt. 1

Odd Jobs Pt. 2

Odd Jobs Pt. 3

Odd Jobs Pt. 4

Odd Jobs Pt. 5


District 3 Quests:
Dollars and Sense Pt. 1

Dollars and Sense Pt. 2

Dollars and Sense Pt. 3

Dollars and Sense Pt. 4

The Idiot’s New Clothes Pt. 1

The Idiot’s New Clothes Pt. 2

The Quiet Wasted Gardener Pt. 1

The Quiet Wasted Gardener Pt. 2

The Quiet Wasted Gardener Pt. 3

The Quiet Wasted Gardener Pt. 4

The Quiet Wasted Gardener Pt. 5

Mo’ Money Mo’ Mort Pt. 1

Mo’ Money Mo’ Mort Pt. 2

Love in the Time of Groceries Pt. 1

Love in the Time of Groceries Pt. 2

Dude Looks Like a Lady Pt. 1

The Joys of Public Transit

Serious Blockage Pt. 2

The Biggest, Fattest Loser Pt. 1

The Biggest, Fattest Loser Pt. 2

The Biggest, Fattest Loser Pt. 3

The Biggest, Fattest Loser Pt. 4

The Biggest, Fattest Loser Pt. 5


District 4 Quests:

The Lost Boys Pt. 1

The Lost Boys Pt. 2

The Lost Boys Pt. 3

The Lost Boys Pt. 4

The Lost Boys Pt. 5

The Lost Boys Pt. 6

Brokeback Playground Pt. 1

Brokeback Playground Pt. 2

Brokeback Playground Pt. 3

Fretters Anonymous Pt. 1

Fretters Anonymous Pt. 2

Fretters Anonymous Pt. 3

Black Men Can’t Throw Pt. 1

Black Men Can’t Throw Pt. 2

Black Men Can’t Throw Pt. 3

Cash Money Mort Pt. 1

Cash Money Mort Pt. 2

Cash Money Mort Pt. 3

21 No Jump Street Pt. 1

21 No Jump Street Pt. 2

21 No Jump Street Pt. 3


District 5 Quests:

A Pirate’s Life for Peter Pt. 1

A Pirate’s Life for Peter Pt. 2

A Peter’s Life for Peter Pt. 3

A Peter’s Life for Peter Pt. 4

A Pirate’s Life for Peter Pt. 5

A Pirate’s Life for Peter Pt. 6

The Quahog Seahog Pt. 1

The Quahog Seahog Pt. 2

Heavy Lifting Pt. 1

Heavy Lifting Pt. 2

Heavy Lifting Pt. 3

Working Girl Pt. 1

Working Girl Pt. 2

Working Girl Pt. 3

Seamus’ Family Tree Pt. 1

Seamus’ Family Tree Pt. 2

Seamus’ Family Tree Pt. 3

Seamus’ Family Tree Pt. 4

Black and White Blues Pt. 1

Black and White Blues Pt. 2

Black and White Blues Pt. 3

Black and White Blues Pt. 4


District 6 Quests:

A Whole Lotta Bull
The Wheels of the Law
The Service Dog
Is There a Doctor in the Game?
The Curious Choir Boy


District 7 Quests:

One Hot Momma
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Asian
The USS Gossip
Big Trouble in Little Quahog

District 8 Quests:




21 thoughts on “Quests”

  1. Hey, for the ‘Hot Mama’ quest you have to place the Awful Hattery, but for some reason it relocked itself. Is this a glitch? Unfortunately I can’t unlock the next district without it. Please help. Thanks


  2. I’m trying to finish the Asian Town district quests, but all of a sudden the Awful Hattery store needed for One Hot Mama is locked. It wasn’t at first but now it is. What does this mean?


  3. Where can I find info on the event? I can’t find what I need on the front page, what do I need to unlock powerplant 2?

    Also, add me also, please send me a message if ur from this game or i will message u asking do i know u…

    Thanks in advance,


  4. On level 47. District 10 i think.. I have 2 quests that require Olivia but I can’t unlock the last quest to get her. I need the quest dance hall days but it’s not coming up. Am I missing something?


  5. I have been trying to place the Balloon Mania for Stewie and Brian, but it errors every time and shuts down the game. I cleaned a lot of stuff off my property–if it didn’t make money, into storage it went. Is it possible something that I stored is connected to this quest? If so, how do I find it? Thanks!


    1. Send the characters that can drop plutonium on a shorter alternate quest. This will sometimes reset the chances of getting the item in question when you send the character out on the task again.


  6. I am having trouble with a quest with Jillian and Chris… I had to make Jillian and Chris chase butterflies, but Chris requires a rose bush to unlock this action. I have looked 1,000 and one times for this rose bush. Am I just missing it all together?


    1. There are gold flower beds and red flower beds in decorations, you could try planting them as they don’t cost much in coins, failing that, in the American Dad event (I think it was) there was a sex rose bush (mine is in my inventory now as i’m trying to save space) but if you haven’t bought it then it would be in decorations i’d imagine



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