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To Boldly Go Nowhere (New Star Trek Event Teaser)

Hello again Family Guy Players.

TinyCo has brought another teaser for the Star Trek event and it is a notification in the game. Read more to check it out.

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Valentine’s Day Speculation


Family Guy has only ever had one episode regarding Valentine’s Day so I don’t think all of these ideas will be added to one event otherwise we wont have anything else for another Valentine’s event.

Keep reading to find out some spoilers as well as what we could possible see when Valentine’s hits in early February!


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Star Wars Speculation Post

We think it is about time to speculate what characters, buildings, squatters and bombs could be used if there were a Star Wars event (or a Comic-Con event with a Star Wars theme) – let us know what you would like to see from the choices below!


We can’t begin a Star Wars post without the crawl…

A long time ago…but somehow in the future
It is a time of civil war,
and renegade paragraphs
floating through space.

There’s cool space battles,
and the bad guy is the
good guy’s dad, but you
don’t find that out ’til the
next episode.

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Brace Yourselves! Last Minute Christmas Shoppers are Coming!

Hey Family Guy Players!

Tinyco has recently posted a recent article about the teaser for the upcoming week of the Christmas Event. Click more to find out.

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Speculation: Family Guy Thanksgiving?

TinyCo shared Peter’s Instagram (, titled “The Griffins are ready for Thanksgiving. Are you?” – could this mean we may receive a Thanksgiving themed update?


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Who is this?!

The official Facebook page has posted a teaser image for the next part of the update…..
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Next Event…..

Oh yeah Halloween has only hit week 2 but at TinyCo’s meet and greet event last night they announced what will be hitting during the next update to grace Quahog…..


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Another Halloween Spoiler!

TinyCo shared another Halloween spoiler on their Facebook page yesterday to excite us all for Halloween on Spooner Street!

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Speculation: Who stole the Blimp Plutonium?

We are seeing some speculation in the comments regarding the missing Blimp Plutonium! Who do you think did it?!

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New character on Thursday?

Have you seen the new in-game pop up?

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