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September Competition: Voting

It’s that time again… you need to vote for who you want to win!

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Complete Comic-Con Overview

I have compiled this post so you guys can read a whole overview of just how big the Comic-Con event was! (Images are being added currently)
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Having trouble finding the directors chairs?

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Thats all folks!


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Celebrity Director Chairs!

Are you unsure where the celebs chairs are? Well, we don’t have them right now but… we will soon!


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Page 7 is live!

Just checked my game and found page 7! Can’t see anything else at the moment though… let me know if you do!
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Wham, Blam thank you Ma’am!

What to do? I am sure like myself you have blam! left over and are suddenly having a last minute flap over what to spend it on…. well fear not fellow horders this ones for you!
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Comic-Con Comic Book Entries

As Comic-Con willbe leaving our Quahog VERY soon, I thought I would post the Comic – Con Comic Book entries here before they disappear forever!
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Show Off Your Comic-Con Pictures Here

Hey Family Guy Players!

Since Comic-Con is ending soon. I figure we show off all the stuff we got through the event by posting a picture (you can link your picture through Imgur or any other picture sharing website) click more to view my photos.

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The end is near!

…and now I face, the final curtain!

TinyCo has released some information regarding all the Comic-Con items, quests, the Harpoons and batteries!

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