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Character: What can you make Barbara do?

These are the tasks including levels to unlock tasks for Babs!

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Nathan Fillion The Complete Guide

Yesterday was an exciting day for me as a huge geek! Nathan Fillion arrived! Even for 250 Clams he rocks my socks! This is the complete guide to everything Fillion! *****Contains possible spoilers*****
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Character: Rupert Unlocked!!!

Screenshot_2014-07-19-14-08-57From this weekend’s Tea Party Update, you can get the playable Human Rupert in your Quahog!!!  Keep reading for the details of exactly how to get him, what he does, and the neat building that he comes with.  SPOILERS GALORE AHEAD! Continue reading Character: Rupert Unlocked!!!

Look it’s Jackie Chan!

Since the dawn of times, we, humans, always wanted to know more, to have more… Do any of you fellas finished the game yet? Well, no matter if you did/n’t, we all want new stuff to be added, with the recent finds of the amazing team of brilliant dudes (spAnser and coolhomer, we got info on what’s coming next on his site (SPOILER ALERT —>>, but what we don’t know is when? You can be optimist and say in about a few hours/days, or you can be realistic/pessimist and say in a couple of weeks/months, I, myself, am always believing on Thursdays due to Tapped Out, will it come out today, tomorrow, next week?

I’m not looking too forward for Tricia and Connie thought, but I can barely wait for Stewie or (SPOILER ALERT)

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Character Levels: Consuela

Maybe you have bought Consuela and haven’t levelled up much, or you are wondering whether you should buy Consuela, either way – here are some screenshots of Consuela’s character level up notifications:

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