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Fabulous Challenge: Epilogue

The last Fabulous Four vehicle was released last week, the Fabu-Bus! There was a list of tasks we needed to do to win the last vehicle, all involving Mutant Stewie’s! Have you collected all 5 vehicles? Find out what happens when you have!


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Gathering Ice Cream Sundaes…a little tip from the pros.

You’ve probably noticed by now that collecting Ice Cream Sundaes for Blobulous is a real bitch. So here’s a tip.

If you have batteries saved up. Clear Giant Stewie with the requested pesticide. While the countdown for Giant Stewie is counting down for his return, Zap regular mutant stewie off a town building, as many times as you can (which should be 4).

When you do that you have a chance for pesticides or Ice Cream Sundaes. But while Giant Stewie is counting down til his return, you can only earn Ice Cream Sundaes. (Just look at the Zapper Gun and what it can result in).

I just tried this on two regular building clean offs. Got blam and exp the first time, the second time I got an Ice Cream sundae!

This isn’t a glitch and your chance of getting the Sundae are “extra rare” but while I was clearing buildings without Giant Stewie, i pretty much only got Pesticides… so this may or may not increase chances, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

Enjoy a real ice cream sundae at home. I recommend Phish Food by Ben and Jerry’s. It’s rad.


How To Find Out How Many Mystery Boxes You’ve Opened

Hello awesome blog readers! So, we’ve noticed that a lot of you tappers out may be a little confused about exactly how many Mystery Boxes you’ve opened over the past four days. I have an easy way for you to clear that up. Continue reading How To Find Out How Many Mystery Boxes You’ve Opened

Tea Party Mystery Box Experience

I want to give you all some hope, I won Human Rupert (finally!) when I opened my ELEVENTH Tea Party Mystery Box!
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Character: Rupert Unlocked!!!

Screenshot_2014-07-19-14-08-57From this weekend’s Tea Party Update, you can get the playable Human Rupert in your Quahog!!!  Keep reading for the details of exactly how to get him, what he does, and the neat building that he comes with.  SPOILERS GALORE AHEAD! Continue reading Character: Rupert Unlocked!!!

And I thought an Indiana Jones themed update was bad***…

Then I loaded the game and holy ****. Not only is Stewie ready to be unlocked, not only has PB&J Brian become a reality, but we get new quest lines, another peter costume, no more epic item unlocks, new buildings and a taste of characters to come. Below are some posted pictures of all the various awesomeness that will ensue. The next few months of this game are gonna be a blast! Continue reading And I thought an Indiana Jones themed update was bad***…

July 4th – Full Walkthrough

Screenshot_2014-07-03-22-16-28 The Independence Day update is HERE (until July 11th)!  For those of you still resting your fingers from all the mummy-tapping, it’s now time to start playing with FIREWORKS!

This update brings us new buildings, three and a half new questlines, a box (think: sarcophagus) that we can OPEN WITH COINS, lots of cool & patriotic/political freemium & premium items, and A FREAKIN WATERSLIDE!!!!

There’s a week to get it all done, so DON’T RUSH! Just be diligent and you’ll be fine.  Click ‘Continue Reading’ for the full walkthrough mixed in with a little humor. Continue reading July 4th – Full Walkthrough

80’s Pop Star Cleveland…finally unlocked…by me at least.

Finally unlocked 80’s Pop Star Cleveland, now I can finally get back to grinding Moon Idols. Here’s what he says…

80's cleveland 1

80's cleveland2

As a result you get to build St. Elmo’s Clam (a past version of the Clam) and the 80’s disco floor for free… which is a pretty sweet benefit of unlocking a character.

8 1/2 more days to grind on those idols… think you’ll unlock it all… not sure if I will, but i’ll put up a hell of a fight.

Grind hard suckas!


Pyramid final prizes revealed…sort of.

We have one of the two remaining prizes from the pyramid revealed, well one revealed, the other hinted at. The revealed prize is the Not-so-angry-Gorilla costing 70,000 moon idols.

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Google+ Achievements

Thanks to one of our writers, who is also a Moderator at the Family Guy forum –,  here are the achievements that you can achieve if you use Google+ to login to Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff:

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