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Goodbye, RyPod

Hey guys,

As the title says, I’m finally calling time on my life as a Family Guy Tips moderator 😞

It’s been a fun journey but times change, people change and it’s time to move on to pastures new 😊

With work 🕵, playing in a table tennis league 🏓, being on a committee 😎 and learning how to play the guitar 🎸 with also gigs 🎶, sleeping 😴, eating 🍔 and pooping 💩 going on as well, I don’t get a whole lot of spare time now.

For the time being, Fred 💂 will take over my role and answer all of your questions, he’s more qualified anyway now that I’ve not played the game for so long.

A big thanks to everyone who has spoke with me since I’ve started, a huge thank you to Holly 👸 and Zooey 👰 (who I’ve been through more with than most girls I’ve dated) 😆

This is RyPod…officially signing off for the very last time 😉

Don’t stop believing…hold onto that feeling 💖


Happy New Year!!

Hey guys,

RyPod here with a quick message to wish you all a Happy New Year from all of us here at Family Guy Tips.

2015 was a good year for me personally and I’m starting 2016 with a bang, my New Years resolution is to learn how to play the guitar 🎸 (because everyone knows I 💖 LOVE 💖 my music) 🎶

What’s your New Years resolution?  What are you looking forward to in 2016? 😊

RyPod 🍺

Zoe 🍾

Holly 🍸

Fred 🍹

Merry Christmas From FamilyGuyTips

Hey guys,

RyPod here, with a message for you all. I can’t do it justice so…

…as Peter Griffin sang…I have some gifts for you, they’re up in my bum!!! Merry Christmas everybody!! 😄

From all the mods…

RyPod ☃

Zooey-Marie 🎁

Holly 🎄

Fred 🎅

Tell RyPod: Christmas

Hey guys,

With Thanksgiving over, no doubt some of you were feeling like Family Guy, Quest For Stuffing, am I right? 😉 *high fives myself*

Well guys, it’s the first of December tomorrow and you know what that means? IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! Get into the spirits…I mean spirit 😉

Are you hanging up the stockings on the wall? Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall? No? Well, you should, because it’s the happiest time of the year (so happy that it’s forced me to make a post for the first time in months!!)

I know that not everyone likes Christmas, some see it as an audacious attempt for stores to sell their crappy wares, and as someone who works in Retail, you have no idea how much this rings true!!

So this version of Tell RyPod is this…what are your feelings about Christmas? Good or bad. Do you have any funny Christmas stories? Any dodgy gifts you’ve bought people (or been bought) in the past?

So whether you say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah or Kwanzaa, holler at me, tell me more about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa if you celebrate it as I’m from the UK and we don’t have it over here as such.

Go on, don’t be scared…tell RyPod 😊

P.S. In every comment, I want to hear what your favourite Christmas song is!!

I want to see everyone commenting on this, from mods like Fred, Zooey, Justin and especially Holly (you have the Christmassey-est name of us all) to old commenters who don’t play the game anymore, come one, come all 😊

Halloween Walkthrough Part 7

Death at the Drive in III pt 2
<br />Headless Horsemen are coming-just click
<br />Have Slasher bait Peter hum suspense music-1hr
<br />Have slasher bait Lois ignore strange noice-2 hr
<br />
<br />Bring the movies to life pt 18
<br />Place the Pet costume shop-90 film reels
<br />Place the trick or treating dog-25 3d glasses
<br />
<br />I started the prize timer (3day) doesn’t look that hard. It is:
<br />See no evil pt 3
<br />Check out the prize-click on it
<br />Clear 32 swirling ghosts in 3 days
<br />Clear 12 headless horsemen in 3 days
<br />
<br />Also, obviously, I placed Death’s dog house. It is not timed.. So, shouldn’t be too hard
<br />30 Lassie’s Bones-Get by clearing swirling ghosts
<br />10 Bottles of Antifreeze-get from Pet Costume shop
<br />5 Rubber Steaks-Get from the Black Clam
<br />1 Have Death Kick Back

Death at the Drive in III pt 3
<br />Have Death kick back
<br />Get 2 pumpkin launchers
<br />Earn the Ghost Pirate

Death at the Drive in III pt 4
<br />Clear 2 headless horsemen-2 hits each
<br />Earn 24 chocolate bars
<br />Place the small flying ghost ship
<br />
<br />Death’s best friend pt 1
<br />unlock death’s dog
<br />have Death’s dog play with skull


What’s Going On With Family Guy Tips?

Hey guys,

A lot of you are asking lately what’s going on with this site and where people are and about the QMC and so forth so I figured I’d do a post about it as its a lot to convey in a comment…

Quahog Millionaire Club:

We’re sorry we haven’t done anything with the QMC for a while, we did have one guy running it and keeping everything up to date but he’s not been around for a long time so effectively it’s dead in the water.

Where Are The Moderators?

There are currently five moderators on this site:

RyPod: That’s me!! During the Peterpalooza event, I got disenchanted with the game and finally decided to delete it. With a full time job, social life and much needed sleep, I didn’t get the time to play it anymore at a level where I could get most of the stuff. I still moderate the comments and try to keep you guys happy as and when I can.

ZooeyMarie and HollyPopsicle: I’ve put these together because their situations are the same. They did keep the walkthroughs going but their games crashed on their devices and they couldn’t get into them. Ipso facto: no walkthroughs because they can’t play the game and no help from TinyCo either. Again, work, social lives and stuff also get in the way.

JustinMHorn: MIA. Missing in action. Nobody knows what happened to Justin, some say his headless body still haunts this website…but we just ignore those people 😂 Honestly, we don’t know where Justin went.

FredLusk: Fred is an unofficial moderator, he is an avid player of the game and is always up to date with the walkthroughs, simply because he’s a premium player who dedicates a lot of time to playing. To be honest, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves because since Peterpalooza, he himself has been keeping the walkthroughs going. Which brings us to…

Why are the walkthroughs all weird?

The walkthroughs are in the format they are because Fred posts the walkthroughs as a comment, I then copy and paste them onto a post so everyone can find them and read them. Simple but effective. YES…it has the HTML formatting on them and YES it is kinda annoying but with jobs and lives and stuff, we don’t get much time for anything else. I’m sorry but I’m just being honest and it’d be wrong of me if I didn’t give you guys the lowdown and just kept you in the dark.

What does the future hold for Family Guy Tips?

I don’t know…it’s feasible we could make a couple of you guys moderators (Fred will definitely be first choice of course due to his dedication already with the walkthroughs) this is something I’d have to discuss with Zooey and Holly.


Can you change the walkthroughs so the HTML formatting is gone?

It’s something I’ll look into but as I’ve explained, I don’t get a lot of time.

How come you guys don’t update the walkthroughs/QMC/website regularly?

Again, don’t get a lot of time.

RyPod, are you single?

Yes…yes I am!! (Just kidding, this never gets asked) 😂

The “other site” is way better than this one. It keeps stuff updated and gives us loads of help.

That’s not a question, but I’ll allow it. The “other site” is run by other people who have time to do all that, we’re a small website with 4 people and not a whole lot of time. I’ll never bad-mouth the other site, it wouldn’t be fair to but I imagine their situations are different to ours.

RyPod’s Final Thoughts:

As explained, spare time is at a minimum but we’ll always try and post stuff to keep you guys in the loop regarding walkthroughs etc, it’s easy to criticise us for falling behind and if you choose to do so, fair enough, but walk a mile in our shoes before you do 😊 that’s pretty deep. I also want to say before I go that this post is solely from RyPod, Zooey and Holly don’t know I’m posting this so any criticism should come straight back to me and nobody else. I’ll always be straight up with you guys. Promise.

Take it easy.


Halloween Walkthrough Part 666 (had to be done)

Death at the Drive in The sequel pt 8<br />Have Slasher bait lois answer the phone<br />Have slasher bait peter drink and smoke<br /><br />Wanna Play? pt 2<br />Have Chucky play with Knives<br />Have Lois hide from Chucky

Wanna Play pt 3
<br />Have Chucky replace own batteries
<br />Have quagmire comfort scared women
<br />
<br />Meg has a friend pt 3
<br />Have Patty Eat Halloween candy
<br />Have Chris get easily smitten with girls

Wanna Play pt 4
<br />Have Chucky wield sharp objects
<br />Have Stewie hang out with death
<br />
<br />Running Scared pt 3
<br />Have slasher bait Lois underage drink
<br />
<br />Meg has a friend pt 4
<br />Have Patty enjoy hot dogs
<br />Have meg scarf down hot dogs
<br />
<br />Bring the movies to life pt 16
<br />Place the Black Sand Dollar

Death at the drive in III pt 1
<br />Ghosts are coming (just click)
<br />Clear 4 ghosts (just click them)
<br />Have Jerome Reinforce Locks
<br />
<br />Bring the movies to life pt 17
<br />Place Death’s dog house
<br />
<br />Meg has another friend pt 2 (Esther-I clicked the link and started the timer)
<br />Save Esther
<br />Have Esther bad girlie dance
<br />
<br />Running Scared pt 4
<br />Have Death try to pick up women
<br />Have slasher bait Lois apply Makeout lipstick


Halloween Blues

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading the comments and it seems none of you are happy campers at the moment with this event. So here’s where RyPod comes in with some help…

This is the email address where you can directly email TinyCo. I assume a lot of you have tried messaging in-game and got nowhere? Feel free to email them with your frustrations, maybe they’ll make the game easier if they get lots of emails, I don’t know, either way it’s worth a shot.


Halloween Tip

Ok guys.. I think that I have recognized a pattern in the werewolves.. I am gonna tell you guys what I think.
<br />
<br />Only certain characters can be turned into a werewolf.. Here is a list of the characters I know..
<br />
<br />Stewie
<br />Connie
<br />Consuela
<br />Bonnie
<br />Joe
<br />Glenn
<br />Weird Al
<br />Mort
<br />Herbert
<br />Carter
<br />Brian
<br />Deadmaus
<br />Cleveland
<br />There might be a few more.. I am only letting a few of my characters out of my inventory at a time, seeing if they get made into a werewolf..
<br />
<br />I am starting to think that they are only a certain number of your characters that can be made into werewolves at any one time.. So the non important characters.. don’t shoot them with the silver canon.. Leave them werewolves..
<br />
<br />Also.. if a character is made into a werewolf.. They still continue their tasks.. So if you have Mort making Balloons, and you set him on this task at 7 o’clock.. Save up your canon and don’t shoot him until 11.. Then when he changes back to Mort, he is finished with his task, and you can set him on it again..
<br />
<br />Also, I have concluded for me, that popcorn is important.. Instead of Peter making Canons (6hr task), I have him making holy water balloons (4 hour task).. That enables me to use him more to stop the slasher cat from chasing Lois.. It seems like that happens every 2-3 hours anyway.. So I get 15 popcorns then, plus his holy water balloon task for 10 popcorns.. It is helping me gather film reels a lot more quickly..
<br />
<br />Hope that helps.. If anyone wants to add me as a friend in the game.. Please do.. Hit me up on Facebook-same name.. And tell me where you are adding me from.. I love looking and comparing other people’s towns to mine…

Halloween Walkthrough Part 6

Death Wish Come true pt 4
<br />Have Death Watch news about Death

Death Wish come true pt 5
<br />Have Death play fetch
<br />Have Stewie Stalk death

Bring the Movies to life pt 7
<br />Place Catacombs
<br />
<br />Bring the Movies to life pt 8
<br />Place the warded bunker
<br />
<br />Bring the Movies to life pt 9
<br />Place the Decorated Ghost tree
<br />
<br />Bring the Movies to life pt 10
<br />Place the dark society library
<br />
<br />Bring the Movies to life pt 11
<br />Place the pumpkin pyramid
<br />
<br />Bring the Movies to life pt 12
<br />Place the plastered witch

Bring the movies to life pt 13
<br />Unlock Slasher bait Lois
<br />This one is tough… 100 film reels again!!!! Good luck guys