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Free clams!

Apparently you are all awesome! That’s TinyCo speak for have some free clams….  So what are you waiting for?! Go tap tap tap Peter and get em!



Week 5 FAQs

Here are week 5 FAQS!
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Week 3: Walkthroughs

Sorry for the delay – they will be up soon, slowly muddling through them as much as I can in between crashing, swearing and tutting furiously! It absolutely sucks that we used to get these out so quickly and now we feel really limited by the game! BUT the show must go on so to speak and I should hopefully have something for you soon!

In the mean time – please feel free to keep me entertained in the comment section!

Week 2: Mobsters Walkthroughs *****Updated*****

So as week 2 kicks off here is those much needed walkthroughs!

This is currently as far as I can get without putting my fist through my screen! Enjoy!

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Mob Rep and Cookie earning characters

So a few requests have traveled our way via owl post for some lists –

So here it goes!

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Mobsters Event – The Walkthroughs

As per usual Peter will kick you off!

Mob Mentality

Warehouse Wars

Here Comes the Don

Like a Boss

Earning Mob Rep

That’s How I Roll

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Nature Week 2 – Walkthroughs

Hi guys, good morning / good evening!

Yet another one of those little week long updates to keep everyone busy!

Into the Wilderness

Holy Cow

Beef! It’s What’s For Dinner

A Breath of Fresh Air

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Fire Fighting Event – The Walkthroughs

So yet more content to carry us through to the….uh….. New content.

Sexy Firefighters everywhere, none sexier than firefighter Brian obviously!

UPDATED: As far as I can tell, so far this is the whole shindig, if anything is duplicated I apologise – I have had a nightmare with this event! Too many bugs for me – Consuela is evil and must be stopped!

Fire in the Hole

Turn the Heat Up

Flame On

Hotter than Hades

Dog Day Afternoon

Fanning the Flames

A Dog on Fire

Pirate of the Flame

Boiling Point

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Nature Weekend Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs for the mini event 🙂

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Star Trek – Uhura

Well unlike 7 of 9 I don’t have a whole bunch of rubbish to say! Other than…. Quagmire will prompt you to get her from the replicator and she will cost 75 dark matter and 50 synthesiser ore. After you have Replicated her (is that a thing?!) She will be in your inventory.

Then you will get a quest line called:

An Illogical Woman

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