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Maniac Pope walk through…

Ok fellow Quahogians’, I finally won the Maniac Pope this morning.. It was a long haul, but he is mine, ALL MINE!!!! (Laughs Maniacally)… I am posting the walk thru as I come to it..


Papal Duties pt 1

Have Maniac Pope Practice his moves 6hrs

Papal Duties pt 2

Have Maniac Pope wash pope robes 8hrs

Have Death Hang out with Maniac Pope 8hrs

Papal Duties pt 3

Have Slasher bait Lois ignore strange noises 2hrs

Have Maniac Pope confess sins to self 2hrs

Papal Duties pt 4

Have Maniac Pope chase victims 8hrs

Have Slasher bait Peter run away from Maniac Pope 8hrs


It Ain’t Over Yet!!!-EDITED!!!

Okay fellow Quahogians!!! They just released more content for our addiction!!!

Vampire Rupert Mystery Box: You can win these Deco’s 15 pairs of 3d glasses apiece.  The prizes do not repeat.

Quahog Drive-In Screen

Concession Stand

Quahog Drive-In Entrance

Hook Hand Albert’s Cabin

They have also decided to continue the quest line:

The Parade of Horribles Pt 7

Save Lois from Slasher Cat-2 times

Save Jerome from Possessed Car-2 times

Turn Back 16 Werewolves

Clear 8 Ghosts

The Parade of Horribles pt 8

Clear 12 Unholy nuns

Clear 15 Vampires

Clear 3 Headless Horsemen

The Parade of Horribles pt 9

Clear 3 crazy clowns

Clear 5 Headless Horsemen

Hit Hookhand Al 20 times

I will let you know more as I come to it..