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New Land!!!


Hey guys and girls.. Just wanted to add a post about the New Land out there… I hope while your work crews are down, you are hacking at the woods, and getting your new land that everyone seems to be screaming about… Have a good 4th of July out there-Americans…


Greek Week Leaderboard

Ok guys and Squirrels!!!!  How are you doing with the Leadboard?  How far along are you with the quests?  I will tell you right now, after playing catch up, I am on Gods Gone Wild pt 7, still waiting to get Medusa Meg… I am almost to level 17-don’t know how high it is gonna go, but we will see.. And, my ranking is 421… And that has been a battle to get it there.  I started late, and have been fighting an uphill battle from the beginning.. When the leaderboards started, I was ranked 4,251.. And have fought for every coin that I have earned.. What are your stats?


On a side note:  How do you think DragonJay has been doing?  I think his post are way more professional than mine… He is doing a bang up job?  And he still hasn’t revealed to me how he gets his info ahead of us… How do you guys think he is doing?


Greek Week week 3

Ok guys and girls.. This is from DragonJay… So, send him your thanks… !!!!

Party Like a God (Week 3 main quest)
Party Like a God pt. 1
1. Reverse Mermaids Are Here
2. Clear 1 Reverse Mermaid
3. Place Billy Finn in the Argo Ship

Party Like a God pt. 2
1. Have Toga Peter Play Beer Pong (2)
2. Have Tri Bri Butt Heads (6)
3. Have Seamus Buy Discount Ambrosia (8)

Party Like a God pt. 3
1. Have Bruce Make bathtub Ambrosia
2. Neptune is Here (6)
3. Make an offering to Neptune

Party Like a God pt. 4
1. Clear 3 Centaurs
2. Earn 2 Golden Crowns
3. Build Roman Candle Shop

Party Like a God pt. 5
1. Have Toga Peter Prank the Dean (6)
2. Have Tri-Bri Chase His Tail (6)
3. Clear 2 Minotaurs

Party Like a God pt. 6
1. Place the Drunken Sirens
2. Have Toga Peter Buy Kegs (8)
3. Have Mort Make a Laurel Wreath (8)

Party Like a God pt. 7
1. Clear 2 Reverse Mermaids
2. Have Quagmire Watch Xena DVDs (2)

Party Like a God pt. 8
1. Have Billy Finn Take a Trip to the Loo (8)
2. Have Tri Bri Bark at the Moon (8)

Party Like a God pt. 9
1. Reach Event Level 11
2. Upgrade the Ancient Fountain
End of quest until week 4.
Xena: Self-Defense Princess (Xena’s quest)
Xena: Self-Defense Princess pt. 1
1. Have Xena Dazzle the Crowd (2)

Xena: Self-Defense Princess pt. 2
1. Have Xena Battlecry (6)
2. Have Chris Put Up Xena Posters (6)

Xena: Self-Defense Princess pt. 3
1. Have Xena Swing her Sword (6)
2. Have Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu (2)

Xena: Self-Defense Princess pt. 4
1. Have Xena Slay the Patriarchy (8)
2. Have Bonnie Shriek in Terror (8)
End of quest!
Mind Your Mammals (Unlock Billy Finn)
Mind Your Mammals pt. 1
1. Unlock Billy Finn
School of Fish starts after.

School of Fish (Billy Finn’s quest)
School of Fish pt. 1
1. Have Billy Finn Listen to the Ocean (4)
2. Have Herbert Eat Dolphin-Free Tuna (4)

School of Fish pt. 2
1. Have Billy Finn Take a Trip to the Loo (8)
2. Have Peter Watch Blackfish (4)

School of Fish pt. 3
1. Have Billy Finn Come Up With Fish Puns (6)
End of quest!
High Tide Approaching (Unlock Neptune)
High Tide Approaching pt. 1
1. Unlock Neptune
Sea No Evil starts after.

Sea No Evil (Neptune’s quest)
Sea No Evil pt. 1
1. Have Neptune Groom Like a God (4)
2. Have Seamus Play “Go Fish” With Neptune (6)

Sea No Evil pt. 2
1. Have Neptune Order Italian (4)
2. Have Mayor West Make Dolphin Sounds (2)

Sea No Evil pt. 3
1. Have Neptune Make a Splash (2)
2. Have Stewie Rule the Sandbox (10)
End of quest!
The University Store
Argo Ship w/ Billy Finn – 750 Ambrosia, 4 Golden Apples, 2 Golden Crowns, 3 Golden Fleece
Narcissus’ Garden – 500 Ambrosia, 2 Golden Apples, 1 Golden Crown
Pita Bucket – 550 Ambrosia, 4 Golden Crowns, 3 Golden Fleece
Roman Candle Shop – 1,200 Ambrosia, 4 Golden Apples, 3 Golden Crowns, 10 Golden Fleece
King Midas’ “Cash 4 Gold” – 1,400 Ambrosia, 5 Golden Apples, 6 Golden Crowns
Drunken Sirens – 800 Ambrosia, 3 Golden Apples, 5 Golden Crowns, 2 Golden Fleece
Neptune – 5,000 Ambrosia, 14 Golden Apples, 8 Golden Crowns, 11 Golden Fleece

The Campus Altar
Water Offering – Costs 1 Seafoam Spell, 30:00 to Craft, Payout 6-24 Ambrosia, 5-60 Styx Coins, 1-4 Conch Shells
Get Seafoam Spells from: Neptune, Lois, Herbert, Neptune’s Dive Bar, and Narcissus’ Garden

Temple of Hades
Attack #1 Needs 1 Seafoam Spells, Pays 6 Ambrosia, 5 styx coins, 1 Conch Shells
Attack #2 Needs 2 Seafoam Spells, Pays 12 Ambrosia, 14 styx coins, 2 Conch Shells
Attack #3 Needs 3 Seafoam Spells, Pays 18 Ambrosia, 27 styx coins, 3 Conch Shells
Attack #4 Needs 5 Seafoam Spells, Pays 24 Ambrosia, 60 styx coins, 4 Conch Shells

Greek Week Event Week 2

Sorry guys, I just got my AC back on Saturday… It has been a hell of 10 days trying to get good air… They only time that I could really get on here is at work.. And running a law office, that get’s kinda hard at times.. I have been playing.. Maybe we can get a few hints on week 2…


Greek Life Event Week 1

Hey guys and girls… I am so sorry that I couldn’t get on here.. My AC unit went out at my house.. And let me tell you that to be in the South of the US and not have air conditioning is like being 5 miles from the surface of the sun… It is very humid here.. As a matter of fact, 2 hobbits walked up to my house yesterday and threw a gold ring at me!!! I am a little behind on the game.. hopefully someone can fill us in..



Add a Friend Post

Okay guys and girls.. Since this week is winding down, and we have a day and a half to go… I have been wanting to have a post where people can add each other as friends… If you have been playing the game for a while.. You might not need friends. Which is extra coins.. But, I personally, like to go into other people’s towns’ and see how they have it set up..


I am going to start here.. You can add me through facebook if you have the game liked there.. My email to find me is… Just, if you add me as a friend on facebook.. Send me a note, telling me who you are and put something like familyguy tips..

So, if you want to get friends, put your facebook contact on this post..

Boomsday Final Week (Week 4)

Okay everyone.. I am still on Boom and Doom pt 10… Since it has started, I figured that I would go ahead and post this.. Maybe someone is ahead of me, and wants to let the other’s know.. Hint DragonJay…


I will tell you guys that I had no idea about the quests for Lois, Ollie, Jesus… I had too many quests open at one time.. We haven’t even begun to address the New Tan Lines District… I just think it is too much at one time.. What do you think?

Also, just an FYI, Sweettat should start helping me moderate this Blog… So, whenever she comes along, make sure you welcome her..

Boomsday Week 3

ADRapture (1)

Ok guys and girls.. this one is for DragonJay… I know he is ahead of me… and I won’t be finished with week 2 until tomorrow.. Just getting Apocalypse Stan, and ended up paying 23 clams for Apocalypse Jesus..

The Big Goodbye…

UPDATE: Website is all renewed and will still be here! 🙂

Guys.. this site is expiring tomorrow… Holly, Zoey, and Rypod all quit playing the game, and as far as I can tell, do not really participate in this site… It won’t even let me see how to renew it.. I am going to try and contact Z… But, if nothing works, it will be gone.. I hate to tell you this.. I have enjoyed talking with all of you.. And would love to have 95% of you as a friend on Facebook..


Please look for me there, and add me..


Welcome to Boomsday…

Ok guys and girls.. Tinyco has released a new one.. We had a whole 2 hours relaxation…. Btw, how did you do on the last event?  I didn’t get the Giant Chicken!!! I am very disappointed in that..


Ok, back to this one… A nearby nuclear power plant has had a meltdown, causing an apocolypse in Quahog that is a cross between Road Warrior and Chud!!! LOL

I have been playing this one for a couple of days, and I am very happy with it.. So far, they have brought the fun back for me… And I am getting to use a bunch of characters that have been shelved for a very long time..

Ok, let’s get down and dirty:

Peterpocalypse Now pt 1

  • Check out Boomsday-Visit event hub

Peterpocalypse Now pt 2

  • Tap the powerplant gates
  • Learn about the powerplant gates

Peterpocalypse Now pt 3

  • Build One Man’s junkyard
  • Have Peter hunt for supplies

Peterpocalypse Now pt 4

  • Collect 1 net
  • Make 1 net launcher
  • Have Chris find Mutant girls attractive

Peterpocalypse Now pt 5

  • Learn about Neutralizers
  • clear 3 mutant Goldfish

Peterpocalypse Now pt 6

  • Visit Twinkly trading post
  • Trade in Water bottles for Twinklies
  • Place the Diner at the end of the Apocalypse

Peterpocalypse Now pt 7

  • Have Mort practice price gouging
  • Have Lois Fight for survival

Peterpocalypse Now pt 8

  • Have Clevemire Cure Chris of Radiation Sickness
  • Have Chris decontaminate everything

Peterpocalypse Now pt 9

  • Reach Crisis Level 4
  • Fortify the Power Plant Gates

Trading with Twinkly Now pt 1

  • Collect 90 water bottles
  • Have Bruce search for a job
  • Have Bonnie chug a bottle of wine

Trading with Twinkly Now pt 2

  • Make 3 trades at the Twinkly trading post
  • Have Jerome bake Sandy scones
  • Have Lois bake cookies to solve problems

Trading with Twinkly Now pt 3

  • Place the Moonshine distillery
  • Have Herbert buy candy for kids

A Goldman Opportunity pt 1

  • Place the Goldman and Son Trading post
  • Unlock Neil Goldman

Joined at the Hip pt 1

  • Create the Clevemire outfit

Joined at the Hip pt 2

  • Have Clevemire Binge and Purge (8)

Joined at the Hip pt 3

  • Have Clevemire Explore New Hobbies (2)
  • Have Lois Pratice Tai-Jitsu (2)

Joined at the Hip pt 4

  • Have Clevemire Let the Gerbil Loose (4)

Joined at the Hip pt 5

  • Have Clevemire Put Up a Fight (12)
  • Have Peter Play Peacemaker (2)

End of Quest

A list of the characters that I have figured out we can use during the event

Jerome, Quagmire, Mort, Meg, Robocop, Mayor West, T1000, Alien, Rupert, Tricia Takanawa, Mutant Stewie, God, Super Devil, Chucky, Francine, Haley, Steve Anita Smith=had to do that, Bonnie, Peter, Lois, Joe, Bruce, Chris, and Supposedly Cleveland and Stan!!!

A bunch of these characters are for Toilet paper-which so far, have had little use.. If you find anyone else.. Please let me know..