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Fun guy, have a daughter.. Just live life every day....

Hey guys.. I am sorry

DragonJay told me that he was going to retire, but then he posted again.. I wasn’t paying attention… I didn’t read what he posted… This site only notifies the person that writes the post… Is there anyone out there that wants to step up and help on this site.. ?

I will be honest, it wears on you.. I have just been enjoying the game lately.. Let me know..


Leaderboards-Where are you at?


Hey Guys.. Fred Here.. Just wondering where everyone was at on the LeaderBoard?  Right now as of 2:00pm Wednesday Central US time, I am at # 56th place…

New Friends

Okay guys and girls.. Since this week is winding down, and we have a day and a half to go… I have been wanting to have a post where people can add each other as friends… If you have been playing the game for a while.. You might not need friends. Which is extra coins.. But, I personally, like to go into other people’s towns’ and see how they have it set up..


I am going to start here.. You can add me through facebook if you have the game liked there.. My email to find me is… Just, if you add me as a friend on facebook.. Send me a note, telling me who you are and put something like familyguy tips..

So, if you want to get friends, put your facebook contact on this post..

Any Gossip or News?


Ok people.. How are you doing with this so far?  Does anyone know if we are having an update or anything tonight or are we still waiting 8 more days?

I am done with everything, and just trying to collect skeleton keys for more prizes.. How about you?

Anyone with the Chicken Deco error…

Hey, anyone with the chicken Deco error.. Contact me at my email.. or send me a message on Facebook under that email..

Ok guys.. Hang on..

Ok guys and girls.. I do believe that DragonJay is upset and still can not get into his game.. So you will have to give me a little bit to get some stuff posted.. I  run a Law office, so when I can, I will post something.. Just so you know.. I was completely surprised about the release last night.. I figured they would at least wait a week…


A Friendly Warning!!!


Ok guys and Squirrels.. Just so you know.. Once you pay for the Sinister Stuffing Prize, you only have 24 hours to unlock the Haunted Mausoleum…

The Sinister Stuffing is 22 Skeleton Keys and

The Haunted mausoleum is 43 Skeleton Keys

So, do not get the Stuffing prize until you have all or most of all 65 keys there..

Good luck guys.. I am hoping DragonJay get’s his game fixed soon..

What is your rank?


Ok guys and girls… It is the end of the Peter’s Booty Haul event.  It ends tomorrow at 3pm Pacific Time.  How did you do, what is your ranking.. ?  How did you like this event?

I will start it off:  Right now I have everything that I could get out of this event.  All outfits, costumes, buildings and decorations… (P.S. I hate decorations… )  And I am ranked at 25th in the game.. I have 3,964 Jolly Roger flags.. Where are you?



Who needs Friends????


Okay guys and squirrels, I am coming out of semi retirement to make a post… DragonJay is doing such a fantastic job, I just can’t complain…  He is just posting away keeping everyone in the know on how to get thru these new levels and quests.. He has done a better job than I even came close too…

Well, now, for the reason for my post.. We have so many new people coming here, and no one really knows each other.. Would anyone like to add some friends in the game?  You have to have the game hooked up to your facebook… Just so you know… I personally like stalking your towns, getting ideas on how to better my own town… Also, it lets me see how far I think you are in the game compared to me..

Well, I am going to start it off.. I am on facebook as Fred Lusk III… my email there is  So, if anyone would like to add me, you can send a friend request thru facebook, or just comment here.. with your email, so I can find you… If you do send me a facebook request, send me a message on facebook stating who you are and that you play family guy..

Also, anyone that posts in the comments here is free game for anyone reading the comments.. It is a great way to add friends and get to know people.. I have quite a few people from here on my facebook.. And I promise, I never send any kind of game requests, and hope you don’t either.. This is literally the only game I play.. and I don’t want to play anything else.. Thanks guys…Fred

How are you guys doing?


I think I am doing pretty good myself.. Except, I can’t get the Pterodactyl to hatch (That extra rare have the Brontosaurs get rid of the Herpesaur is killing me!!!)… I have all but 1 of the buildings, and am no where near getting Cesar… I wonder if Tinyco is going to extend this one?

On a side note-How do you think DragonJay is doing?  I will be honest, running this was make me feel like the game was work.. With DragonJay coming on, it has let me really start to enjoy the game again… He has taken a huge load off of me.. On top of that, I really do think that this site looks more professional than ever…

Thoughts or ideas anyone?