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6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Still can’t get the upgrade to open the Stay Puft portal. Happens with every portal change. No update waiting. Have restarted; shut down, hard stop and sync. Can’t get any response from support either.


  2. I seem to be having major difficulty with any drops from Quagmire – not exclusive to the records for Ron Perlman. For example, I just started playing on August 2 and had absolutely no gerbil drops from Quagmire for nearly a week. I sent a polite message to Tiny Co. inquiring as to whether I was experiencing a tech issue or if the drop rates for him were exceedingly low. I never received a response but noticed the gerbils started dropping the very next day. Now I’m dealing with the same drama with regards to anything else that involved Quagmire, Carrot, Popsicles (got all of mine from Herbert’s House and Chris) and of course Records. in fact, I only have 2 options showing to get the records – Quagmire watching MLF and the Premium. No red shirt or Q option showing. The records I kinda understand as everyone seems to be having the same issue but every other drop as well seems ridiculous. Currently I’m at 0 Carrots and 0 records after trying continuously this last week. It’s to the point that I’ve given up on Perlman. Any suggestions? Please note, I’ve messaged Tiny Co. – no response and I’m not having an issue with any other character, not even drops for Felicia. Thanks in advance!


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