Peter’s Prohibition Party Quests (Week 1)

These are the quests featured during week one of the Peter’s Prohibition Party mini-event.

Sobering Times (Main Quest)
Sobering Times pt. 1
1. Learn About Prohibition
2. Place the Vaudeville Theater
3. Learn about Chapters!

Sobering Times pt. 2
1. View Johnny’s Wishlist
2. Learn about Whiskey Barrels
3. Collect 1 Axe

Sobering Times pt. 3
1. Smash 1 Whiskey Barrel
2. Place Ronny’s Records
3. Have Lois Use a Cigarette Holder

Sobering Times pt. 4
1. Smash 4 Whiskey Barrels
2. Place Jazz Cigarette Dispensory
3. Have Bonnie Hide the Rosé

Sobering Times pt. 5
1. Place the Fit to a Tee Haberdashery
2. Have Herbert Get a Shoe Shine
3. Have Chris Eat a Large Ham

Sobering Times pt. 6
1. Place Breaking Wind Instruments
2. Have Joe Go Undercover
3. Have Mort Swallow Jewels

Sobering Times pt. 7
1. Have Burlesque Peter Go Bare of Hair
2. Smash 7 Whiskey Barrels
3. Have Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath

Sobering Times pt. 8
1. Place Retro Radio Tower
2. Have Meg Shave Facial Stubble
3. Have Chris Hang Out at Home

Sobering Times pt. 9
1. Have Johnny Tickle the Ivories

Barking Mad (Roaring ’20s Brian’s Quest)
Barking Mad pt. 1
1. Have Roaring ’20s Brian Do the Charleston

Barking Mad pt. 2
1. Have Roaring ’20s Brian Make Bathtub Gin
2. Have Bruce Make Bathtub Gin

Barking Mad pt. 3
1. Have Roaring ’20s Brian Get Zozzled on Giggle Water
2. Have Quagmire Mix Drinks

Barking Mad pt. 4
1. Have Roaring ’20s Brian Talk Gangster
2. Have Stewie Dance Like Gene Kelly
End of quest!

Drag Queen of Burlesque Griffin (Burlesque Peter’s Quest)
Drag Queen of Burlesque Griffin pt. 0
1. Unlock Burlesque Peter

Drag Queen of Burlesque Griffin pt. 1
1. Have Burlesque Peter Perform Burlesque
2. Have Bonnie Twerk It

Drag Queen of Burlesque Griffin pt. 2
1. Have Burlesque Peter Go Bare of Hair
2. Have Quagmire Raid Panties
3. Have Joe Raid Speakeasies

Drag Queen of Burlesque Griffin pt. 3
1. Have Burlesque Peter Fan Himself
2. Have Jerome Host Happy Hour
3. Have Seamus Sing Shanties

Drag Queen of Burlesque Griffin pt. 4
1. Have Burlesque Peter Brush His Flapper Wig
2. Have Dr. Hartman Test New Hair Growth Elixir
3. Have Tricia Takanawa Report Breaking News
End of quest!

No Live Performances (Johnny’s Quest)
No Live Performances pt. 0
1. Unlock Johnny by Completing His Wishlist

No Live Performances pt. 1
1. Have Johnny Tickle the Ivories
2. Have Jerome Host Happy Hour

No Live Performances pt. 2
1. Have Johnny Get Fired Up
2. Have Lois Teach Piano
3. Have Mort Swallow Jewels

No Live Performances pt. 3
1. Have Johnny Twirl His Mustache
2. Have Herbert Buy Candy for Kids

No Live Performances pt. 4
1. Have Johnny Play Cards With Satan
2. Have Stewie Do Target Practice
3. Have Meg Flirt With Criminals
End of quest!

Axes to Grind (Side Quest)
Axes to Grind pt. 1
1. Smash 74 Whiskey Barrels
End of quest!

And that wraps up the quests for week one of this event. Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


9 thoughts on “Peter’s Prohibition Party Quests (Week 1)”

  1. Well, with FBook starting to work today that leaves me just a day and a half of the 1st week. Am glad I got the Memorial, tho. Mayor West was awesome.


  2. Sobering Times pt. 5, you don’t need to have Herbert getting a shoe shine; Sobering Times pt. 6, Joe doesn’t need to go undercover; Sobering Times pt. 7, Joe is not giving himself a sponge bath


  3. I can not access my houses with characters in them neither collect rent as the barrels are completelly covering the houses..
    When i press on the house i can just select to smash with axe but not access my family guy characters… please help!


  4. Yes! Your quick! I don’t even have any info in my game yet! Are you saying you’re not going to be posting here much anymore? We all appreciate you and I can understand. You’re a big help! Thank you for all you’ve done.


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