Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Quests (Week 4)

Week 4 of Quahog’s Excellent Adventure is now live. These are the quests featured during this week.

Be Excellent to Each Other (Main Quest)
Be Excellent to Each Other pt. 1
1. Travel to the Future
2. Learn About the Future
3. Learn About Jetpack Kids

Be Excellent to Each Other pt. 2
1. Clear 1 Jetpack Kid
2. Check Out Week 4 Achievements
3. Unlock The Future Clam

Be Excellent to Each Other pt. 3
1. Have Joe Pack for Time Travel
2. Craft Jetpacks into Fusion Fuel
3. Complete “Adventures in Nuclear Fusion Pt. 1” Achievement

Be Excellent to Each Other pt. 4
1. Learn About Fixing Rifts In Time
2. Fix A Rift In Time
3. Unlock Jetpack Recreation Park

Be Excellent to Each Other pt. 5
1. Complete “Remixing Time Pt. 2” Achievement
2. Unlock 3D Printing Studio
3. Complete “Cool Their Jets Pt. 2” Achievement

Be Excellent to Each Other pt. 6
1. Unlock Cryogenic Freezing Pod
2. Complete “Remixing Time Pt. 4” Achievement
3. Complete “Mending the Rifts Pt. 4” Achievment

Be Excellent to Each Other pt. 7
1. Complete “Cool Their Jets Pt. 4” Achievement
2. Unlock Weapons Museum
3. Complete “Remixing Time Pt. 5” Achievement

Be Excellent to Each Other pt. 8
1. Unlock Wyld Stallyns Concert Hall
2. Complete “Mending the Rifts Pt. 5” Achievment
3. Rufus Action
End of quest!

A Brighter Future (Future Council Cleveland’s Quest)
A Brighter Future pt. 0
1. Craft Future Council Cleveland

A Brighter Future pt. 1
1. Have Future Council Cleveland Travel Through Clevelands
2. Have Mort Get Déjà Vu

A Brighter Future pt. 2
1. Have Future Council Cleveland Bathe in the Future
2. Have Bruce Make Bathtub Gin

A Brighter Future pt. 3
1. Have Future Council Cleveland Tune his Air Guitar
2. Have Quagmire Flirt With Iron Maidens

A Brighter Future pt. 4
1. Have Future Council Cleveland Clean his Sunglasses
2. Have Herbert Shop for Shades
End of quest!

How Time Flies (Joe’s Quest)
How Time Flies pt. 0
1. Unlock Jetpack Joe

How Time Flies pt. 1
1. Have Jetpack Joe Spiral Out of Control
2. Have Quagmire Get Stuck in a Phone Booth

How Time Flies pt. 2
1. Have Jetpack Joe Cool His Jets
2. Have Chris Play Air Guitar

How Time Flies pt. 3
1. Have Jetpack Joe Drink Fly While Intoxicated
2. Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine
End of quest!

Desperately Seeking Rufus (Rufus’s Quest)
Desperately Seeking Rufus pt. 0
1. Unlock Rufus

Desperately Seeking Rufus pt. 1
1. Have Rufus Harness Wyld Stallyns
2. Have Chris Dream About his Future

Desperately Seeking Rufus pt. 2
1. Have Rufus Rock Out
2. Have Mort Step Into the Phone Booth

Desperately Seeking Rufus pt. 3
1. Have Rufus Run Time Travel Errands
2. Have Bruce Fret in Line

Desperately Seeking Rufus pt. 4
1. Have Rufus Make Phone Calls
2. Have Bonnie Read About Time Travel

Desperately Seeking Rufus pt. 5
1. Have Rufus Shop at the Circle K
2. Have Stewie Travel Through Time
End of quest!

And that wraps up the quests for week four. Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


5 thoughts on “Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Quests (Week 4)”

  1. okay for everybody wondering what happened to the clam ads here’s what they reported back to me after i asked them what’s happening:

    “We have temporarily disabled our clam ads while we have been working on resolving an issue caused by said ads. This problem caused any players on all platforms to crash due to the ad’s presence and as a quick fix to stop the remaining unaffected players from being affected, we disabled the ads.
    As I mentioned, this will only be temporarily. We have since released an update that will rectify this problem for those affected, and naturally we shall be restoring the ads soon once we have verfied that players are able to play properly once more.
    We thank you for your patience and I hope you havr a fantastic day! We’ll have the clam ads restored soon. Thank you for playing The Quest for Stuff!”👏🏼😑🤤😁👏🏼👍🏼


  2. still no ads here.
    I’m just glad Rufus only needs common and uncommon items, and many characters help. Should be doable. That cat dude helps as well.


  3. The big question, of course, is whether or not Rufus is on a 7-day timer. If we can trust the Tinyco FAQ, he is not, and the FAQ has been warning if a character is timed lately. Can anyone yet confirm? Thx


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