Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Info (Week 4)

The final week of Quahog’s Excellent Adventure is now live. Continue reading for more info about this week and click here for week four quests.

TinyCo’s FAQ for Quahog’s Excellent Adventure

Rufus is not timed but the event ends in like 7 days so…

20 Unitard (Common) 16 Jetpack Remote (Always) 18 Goggles (Uncommon) 9 Battery Pack (Uncommon)
Have Joe Swanson Pack for Time Travel (4) Get by clearing Jetpack Kids Have Seamus Gear Up (2) Have Chris Griffin Recharge His Batteries (7)
Have Bruce Update His Style (4) Get from Future Clam (2) Get from Jetpack Park (7)
22 Trench Coat (Always) 14 80s Sunglasses (Common) 15 Guitar (Common) 18 Phone Headset (Common) 14 VIP Pass (Uncommon)
use Fusion Fuel to Fix Time Rifts Get from 3D Printing Studio (2) Get from Fountain of Youth Cryogenics Lab (8) Have Tricia Takanawa Demo Future Gadgets (5) Have Mort Goldman Get the VIP Treatment (4)
Have Meg Griffin Follow Future Trends (6) Have Dr. Hartman Operate a Guitar (8) Have Tehuantl Cat Call (5) Make Cleveland Brown Explore Future Council Perks (4)
Get from Weapons Museum (5) Get from Wyld Stallyns Concert Hall (4)

Future Council Cleveland – 130 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops Future Time Capsules

New Premium Buildings:
Building Name Cost Time Earns Drops
Jetpacking Peter Statue 220 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 10 Hours 0 Coins/0 Exp 5 Future Time Capsules


Large Pack of 30 Future Time Capsules – 100
Small Pack of 10 Future Time Capsules – 40

How do I clear Jetpack Kids?

Stewie or Jetpack Joe can be sent to clear Jetpack Kids. They spawn a few times a day, and you may have a maximum of 8 on your play space at a time. Clear them for the chance to get Jetpacks and Jetpack Remotes.

How do I get Fusion Fuel?

Fusion Fuel is used to repair the past by closing rifts in time and can be obtained in the following ways:
– Craft at the General Store in the Future
– Have Jetpack Joe Fly While Intoxicated

How do I repair the past with Fusion Fuel?

Quahog’s careless time traveling have created rips in time! You can fix the past by mending the rifts with Fusion Fuel in a mini-game. Enter the mini-game by visiting the building across the Future Clam. Aim at the rifts in time and tap the “FIRE” button to launch your Fusion Fuel. Successfully mending the rifts will earn you Trench Coats and Future Time Capsules. Each shot requires 4 Fusion Fuel, and with great aim, you can mend more than one at a time!

Number Prize Requirements Earns Drops
1 The Future Clam 4 Future Time Capsules 0 Coins/15 Exp Every 2 Hours 1 Goggles
2 Jetpack Park 30 Future Time Capsules 0 Coins/30 Exp Every 7 Hours 1 Battery Pack
3 3D Printing Studio 75 Future Time Capsules 0 Coins/25 Exp Every 6 Hours 1 80s Sunglasses
4 Fountain of Youth Cryogenics Lab 90 Future Time Capsules 0 Coins/30 Exp Every 8 Hours 1 Guitar
5 Weapons Museum 100 Future Time Capsules 0 Coins/25 Exp Every 5 Hours 1 Phone Headset
6 Wyld Stallyns Concert Hall 125 Future Time Capsules 0 Coins/25 Exp Every 4 Hours 1 VIP Pass
7 Bill & Ted Statue 50 Future Time Capsules
8 Future Flying Car 60 Future Time Capsules
Total Requirements 534 Future Time Capsules


Try your “luck” at pulling Future Council Cleveland. With a cost of 135 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg per try, this is what you can win:

RESULTS MAY VARY: When I tried, it took 11 tries to win Future Council Cleveland.

– Future Council Cleveland (New Outfit)
– 28 Jetpacks (Repeatable)
– 8 Future Time Capsules (Repeatable)
– 9 Tea Bags (Repeatable)
– 5 Tea Crates (Repeatable)
– 28 Plague Rats (Repeatable)
– 8 Plague Wines (Repeatable)
– 28 Feathers (Repeatable)
– 9 Mayan Headdresses (Repeatable)
– 135 Clams

And that pretty much wraps up the basic information for week three of this event. Stay tuned for detailed posts.

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


26 thoughts on “Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Info (Week 4)”

  1. Was thinking they had finally succeeded in putting a decent event together. They haven’t really had anything good since Star Trek. But then came the time rift mini game where it takes at least 12 hours just to get enough saved up for ONE shot. And at best you might have gotten two targets with a shot. Proving once again you can’t fully finish an event without spending clams. And that they don’t have anyone into gaming in charge over at Tinyco.


  2. Next event (not sure if a mini or major):

    What’s New in Version 1.49.0

    When Mayor Adam West bans booze in Quahog, the Griffins rebel in Roaring ’20s style.

    Fight Prohibition with Burlesque Peter, Roaring ’20s Brian and Stewie, and more!
    Bust speakeasies with Mayor West and Cop Joe!
    Resurrect the ghosts of those vaudeville guys!
    Cure the Griffins’ Roaring ’20s party hangovers!

    Will Prohibition prevail? Will Burlesque Peter steal the show? Find out in Quahog!


  3. so how bout the new free clams options now have turned into you having to install and run pointless games you don’t want or don’t want to play at all Lmao


    1. The main questline? Once completed, it just ends. As it’s the final week, there isn’t anything after as there will be a new event.


  4. Rufus Trench Coats are the big one holding myself and likely everyone else up. Joe’s task is 10 hours but forgot to check what drop-rate was – with barely any time left of the event you’d be forgiven for hoping at least that was an ‘Always’, right?

    Anyway, it does rip on the shots at Time Rifts, often clearly shooting at two but it only taking one, however as a ‘strategy’ I’ve been just looking for the slower one and plotting ahead ’til at least another is going to cross paths with it then shoot at that point when ready. I’ve probably managed something like 2,2,1,2,1,2,2 doing this.
    Partner’s game, I at least managed to hit 3 with one shot, so can be done but really expected it to just ‘hit’ one with that Vic-20 collision detection.


    1. Oh, and btw, worth noting I think – Rufus, if you are buying him outright then the Trench Coats (currently) work out as 10 (TEN) clams each – despite being priced at 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT!) each if you go with the individual buying option, so definitely recommend checking his outright price rather than buying a single one of the coats the other way!


  5. Correction: “The final week of Quahog’s Excellent Adventure is now live. Continue reading for more info about this week and click here for week *two* quests.” Should be “four” and the link URL needs to be changed to the fourth week.


  6. How long is Joe’s “Fly while Intoxicated” fuel earning task?
    I only ask because it currently takes TWELVE hours to get one shot off. I clearly hit 2 of those things, and it only gave me credit for one, dropping one, single trench coat.


      1. Yeah, that sounds about right. With my luck, it’ll rarely drop anyway. Looks like I’m not getting Rufus, who was the only character I wanted out of this event. I should have expected this when he wasn’t available at the start of week 3.
        I’m gonna reinstall the game just in case I am having a lag/detection issue while shooting. This event has already caused my game to freeze up constantly, even after having TinyCo clear out my cache and resetting my graphics setting to Low.
        In hindsight, they really shouldn’t have made it take 4 of those fuels to fire it.


  7. The time rift closing for jackets is awful! You need to get 22 jackets, or 22 time rifts closed, and each attempt costs 4 fuel (12 hours of production). There is literally not enough time unless you get at least 2 with every shot (which isn’t too bad, but one tiny miss or app hiccup and you’ve lost half a day). It basically requires going for 3 sometimes, which can be a lot trickier.


  8. ahhh Jay& Freddy jus giving a heads up in case something happened or is happening to the site which looked as if was locked up on my phone& i tried going here again on another phone, but both devices were not letting me tap on the blue bar that says”older posts”then after it wasn’t letting me click on at all “continue reading” for the very first most recent post up there^^^idk if it was a certain ad that was up or what but it was just below the recent post of week4 info of this excellent adventure& because it was a different kind of ad that i had ever seen .as you scroll down the page the vid or picture whatever it was stayed in place like how you can change an image to “perspective” instead of “still”. .but idk it may not be nothing actually and thought for a sec if it was my phonescreen or the ofher device i tested it on but like i said both screens are perfectly fine.


  9. I’ve only gotten 1 building unlocked in the Mayan area, so… Still hope to at least get the Future Clam. Hopefully next time Facebook will work from day one. (Fingers crossed)


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