Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Quests (Week 2)

Week 2 of Quahog’s Excellent Adventure is now live. These are the quests featured during this week.

More Excellent Adventures (Main Quest)
More Excellent Adventures pt. 1
1. Learn About The Renaissance Period
2. Travel to The Renaissance
3. Learn about Genghis Khan

More Excellent Adventures pt. 2
1. Plague Doctors are here!
2. Complete “The Doctor Is In Pt.1” Achievement
3. Unlock Da Vinci’s Workshop

More Excellent Adventures pt. 3
1. Have Quagmire Examine a Plague Doctor
2. Craft Plague Wine in General Store
3. Attack Genghis Khan with Plague Wine

More Excellent Adventures pt. 4
1. Complete “The Wine’s Gone Bad Pt.2” Achievement
2. Unlock Trebuchet
3. Clear 14 Redcoat Generals

More Excellent Adventures pt. 5
1. Have Chris Run Off Redcoats
2. Complete “Gone with Genghis Pt. 3” Achievement
3. Unlock Plague Doctor University

More Excellent Adventures pt. 6
1. Unlock Michelangelo’s Studio
2. Clear Two Plague Doctors
3. Complete “Renaissance Relaxation Pt.5” Achievement

More Excellent Adventures pt. 7
1. Attack Genghis Khan Three Times
2. Unlock The Last Supper Restaurant
3. Complete “Don’t Forget About Colonial America Pt.4”

More Excellent Adventures pt. 8
1. Unlock Body Sculpting Gym
2. Have Leonardo Da Vinci Take a Flying Leap
3. Check back next week!
End of quest until next week!

Another Renaissance Man (Michelangelo’s Quest)
Another Renaissance Man pt. 1
1. Have Michelangelo Sculpt Stuff
2. Have Jerome Sculpt His Body

Another Renaissance Man pt. 2
1. Have Michelangelo Be a Ninja Turtle
2. Have Bruce Order Pizza

Another Renaissance Man pt. 3
1. Have Michelangelo Paint a Selfie
2. Have Quagmire Admire the Human Form

Another Renaissance Man pt. 4
1. Have Michelangelo Work Alone
2. Have Bonnie Be a Stay-at-Home Mom
End of quest!

Such a Martyr (Joan of Arc Lois’ Quest)
Such a Martyr pt. 0
1. Craft Joan of Arc Lois

Such a Martyr pt. 1
1. Have Joan Of Arc Lois Work Out
2. Have Bruce Dodge Clingy Friends

Such a Martyr pt. 2
1. Have Joan Of Arc Lois Get Burned With a Steak
2. Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine

Such a Martyr pt. 3
1. Have Joan Of Arc Lois Reject the Call
2. Have Chris Play Hooky

Such a Martyr pt. 4
1. Have Joan Of Arc Lois Go Into Hiding
2. Have Mort Retreat Cowardly
End of quest!

Renaissance Man (Leonardo da Vinci’s Quest)
Renaissance Man pt. 0
1. Unlock Leonardo Da Vinci

Renaissance Man pt. 1
1. Have Leonardo da Vinci Take a Flying Leap
2. Have Bruce Read Advice Columns

Renaissance Man pt. 2
1. Have Leonardo da Vinci Sketch Models
2. Have Bonnie Pose for Paintings

Renaissance Man pt. 3
1. Have Leonardo da Vinci Be a Work of Art
2. Have Chris Paint by Numbers

Renaissance Man pt. 4
1. Have Leonardo da Vinci Try on Hats
2. Have Mort Get Déjà Vu

Renaissance Man pt. 5
1. Have Leonardo da Vinci Show Off His Inventions
2. Have Jerome Invent New Drinks
End of quest!

And that wraps up the quests for week one. Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


16 thoughts on “Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Quests (Week 2)”

  1. FYI, for me Leonardo only had 3 quests; ended at Renaissance Man pt. 3. Sorry, cannot root for the Jays, still mad about the Expos!


  2. I need help….
    Another Renaissance Man (Michelangelo’s Quest)
    2. Have Jerome Sculpt His Body.
    The Jerome in my Game is not able to do this, there’s no task script for him… what am I missing?


  3. Uh oh. Pat. 8 requires Leonardo to do a task. That means we need Leo to progress to phase 3 of the event. I had thought that I did not have to worry about unlocking Leo until the end of the event – wrong!


  4. After a several extra days release wait, and a few more days crash bugs [on Facebook], I have a bag of tea. Pretty sure I’ll not be finishing this one. (Looks like a tough event even if stuff had worked properly.)


  5. I’m in.
    There’s a separate quest that requires you to obtain Bruce’s skin from the Mystery Box. It doesn’t appear to drop anything yet.
    You’ll need Quagmire, Lois’ skin (also in the Mystery Bos) and Ted to get items for the 2nd area. Takes 4 hrs. I’m still stuck on 12/24 vests for Ted 😦
    BTW, IDK if it was intentional or not, but they’re waaaayy off historically. Lincoln was after colonial American times and Khan was well before the Renaissance.


    1. Also stuck on vests for Ted. I’ve needed 9 for around the last 5 drops. Buildings are notoriously worse than characters when it comes to drop rates. At least what I have experienced. Should be even chances between either. Only day and a half left on timer. Better get him.


    2. With all due respect, The Bruce item does not seem necessary to progress in the event and the Lois costume is not “needed,” one can clear the plague doctors with just Quagmire. I do not bite on mystery boxes, too much of a gamble for little return, but trying for the Lois costume may be costly and Quagmire alone should do the job (I do very well as a freemium player, thank you.


  6. My first town worked more or less fine (one or two crashes). My second crashed about ten times or so before it settled down and stopped giving me congif errors. And weird glitches are still popping up. (Android here).


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