Quahog’s Excellent Adventure: Useful Characters & Buildings (Week 1)

This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies during week 1 of theQuahog’s Excellent Adventure event.


Tea Crates

Character Task Time Drops
Bill S. Preston, Esq Steal Tea Crates 8:00:00

Time Capsules

Building Cost Time Drops
Griffin Peterson Statue 270 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 10:00:00 3

Materials for Characters/Outfits

Tea Pots (Uncommon)

Building Cost Time Drops
Boston Tea Party 1 4:00:00 2

Gold Nugget (Uncommon)

Character Task Time Drops
Peter Griffin Jump a Local’s Gold Claim 3:00:00

Tea Pots (Uncommon)

Building Cost Time Drops
Stars & Stripes Seamstresses 30 6:00:00 2

Leather Vest (Rare)

Building Cost Time Drops
Gettysburgers 30 6:00:00 3

Lincoln’s Top Hat (Uncommon)

Building Cost Time Drops
Lincoln’s Log Cabin 35 3:00:00 2

Theatre Mask (Uncommon)

Building Cost Time Drops
Lifeless Lincoln Theater 40 4:00:00 2

Wyld Stallyns Poster (Rare)

Character Task Time Drops
Bonnie Swanson Shop for Band Posters 4:00:00
Building Cost Time Drops
Musketeer Mike’s 10 4:00:00 1

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for week one. Did we miss anything? Comment below!


8 thoughts on “Quahog’s Excellent Adventure: Useful Characters & Buildings (Week 1)”

  1. Jay, do you know if Abe Lincoln is a characters or a decoration? It seems like it should be a character, but knowing TinyCo, it’s probably a dec.


      1. A lot of people thought it was a character too but unless you can unlock it or but with clams, it’ll never be a character.


  2. In what order should we repair things? I was thinking we should do the building the drops flags for Peter’s skin first, but that takes 30 of those vials. Or is TinyCo just purposely misleading us?


      1. I would focus on the buildings for that drop things for Colonial Peter. Ted, isn’t as important since he most likely wont be any use over the next few weeks.


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