Tales of Future Past Mystery Box

With Quahog’s Excellent Adventure off to a not so excellent start, TinyCo pushed a out a mystery box filled with old characters and outfits.

With a price of 150wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg per try, this is what you can win:


  • Black Knight
  • Hercules
  • Naked Bill Clinton
  • Ron Griffin
  • Zeus


  • Biker Brian
  • Medusa Meg
  • Sidewalk Joe
  • Warlord Consuela

In all honestly, they’ll probably be little to no use during this event. Definitely not a premium selection of characters/outfits that they could’ve brought back. Up to you though. Did you try your luck?


7 thoughts on “Tales of Future Past Mystery Box”

  1. Nah. Only Ron left for me to win but no interest in that one. Can’t imagine “he” is worth it. Probably just going to be characters that help you earn the side currency for this event that only helps you to buy useless decos.


  2. I bought one and got the Knight. Only thing I had was the Medusa skin. I’ll comment back if he does anything for the event. If there is an event.


  3. Sidewalk Joe was the only one I didn’t have. Figured I’d get him just for his Questline laughs… does not come with attached Questline. Bummer. 😛


  4. I was wondering.. I saw the mystery box, and tried to see what was inside, but it wouldn’t let me.. I have all of those…. Oh well, more clams for me…!!! LOL


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