Rocky Times in Quahog Quests (Week 3)

Week three of Rockey Times in Quahog is now live. These are the quests for this week. Just a reminder that as this is the final week, completing these quests should not be your top priority. Character quests will continue to after the event ends.

A Fighting Chance (Main Quest)
A Fighting Chance pt. 1
1. Heavyweight Boxers are here!
2. Place the Quahog Boxing Stadium

A Fighting Chance pt. 2
1. Box at the Boxing Ring
2. Have Blunderlips Chris Sneak Alcohol
3. Get awesome stuff from Ivan Drago!

A Fighting Chance pt. 3
1. Box at Quahog Music Hall
2. Place the Rocky Road Ice Cream Shop
3. Attack Ivan Drago!

A Fighting Chance pt. 4
1. Place the Soviet Ice Rink
2. Have Peter Fight a Middleweight Boxer

A Fighting Chance pt. 5
1. Have Lois Fight a Heavyweight Boxer
2. Fight at the Quahog Boxing Stadium
3. Have Joe Misinterpret His Dreams

A Fighting Chance pt. 6
1. Fight at the Boxing Ring
2. Place Ivan Drago’s Gym
3. Clear 2 Heavyweight Boxers

A Fighting Chance pt. 7
1. Attack Ivan Drago 3 times
2. Place the Siberian Farm

A Fighting Chance pt. 8
1. Place the Russian Hotel
2. Fight at the Quahog City Music Hall
3. Fight at the Quahog Boxing Stadium 3 Times
End of quest!

In Fighting Shape (Deirdre Jackson’s Quest)
In Fighting Shape pt. 0
1. Have Deirdre Jackson Milk Animals
2. Have Bruce Eat Cereal

In Fighting Shape pt. 1
1. Have Deirdre Jackson Box Her Shadow
2. Have Quagmire Get a Ringside Seat

In Fighting Shape pt. 2
1. Have Deirdre Jackson Destroy Lois
2. Have Mort Retreat Cowardly

In Fighting Shape pt. 3
1. Have Deirdre Jackson Shave Behind Her Ears
2. Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine

In Fighting Shape pt. 4
1. Have Deirdre Jackson Interrupt Press Conferences
2. Have Tricia Takanawa Report On-Scene
End of quest!

What a Knockout! (Lois’s Quest)
What a Knockout! pt. 0
1. Unlock Boxer Lois

What a Knockout! pt. 1
1. Have Boxer Lois Jump Rope
2. Have Quagmire Get a Ringside Seat

What a Knockout! pt. 2
1. Have Boxer Lois Whip Something Up
2. Have Bruce Brunch Hard

What a Knockout! pt. 3
1. Have Boxer Lois Be Punchy
2. Have Meg Be a Punching Bag

What a Knockout! pt. 4
1. Have Boxer Lois Get Serious
2. Have Dr. Hartman Prepare for an Exam
End of quest!

Feeling Punchier (Side Quest)
Feeling Punchier pt. 1
1. Learn about Speed Training!
2. Earn Barbells from Speed Training!
End of quest!

And that wraps up the quests for week two. Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


7 thoughts on “Rocky Times in Quahog Quests (Week 3)”

  1. My part 2 shows: Box at the Boxing Ring, Have Chris Sneak Alcohol, Get Awesome Stuff from Ivan Drago… Can’t be sure if Part 1 had Attack Drago as part of it. I recall having to hit him 2x total today to get the Awesome Stuff checked off.

    Side Question: How many bottles total does it take to hit Drago 5x?


    1. You’re probably right. What I post is directly from the files but sometimes it’s different so I have to run through the main quest and fix any mistakes, which I’ll do sometime tonight. In regards to your second question, it takes 33 Vodka’s to defeat him. Level 5 requires 16.


  2. since we are only going for the boxing Lois costume in order to try to get Ivan Drago, I cannot imagine why one would work on the final week tasks. No reward and irrelevant, unless I am missing something


    1. In fact, it seems that completing the week 3 tasks will actually hurt your progress for Drago. Going back to fighting at the boxing ring, for example, (who needs gloves?) seems counterproductive


      1. Usually the last week’s final few quests are irrelevant… Unless, like me, you just enjoy completing them..


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