Rocky Times in Quahog: Useful Characters & Buildings (Week 1)

This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies during week 1 of theRocky Times in Quahog event.


Boxing Gloves

Building Cost Time Drops
Clubber Lang Banner 195 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 20:00:00 12

Gym Pass (Uncommon)

Character Task Time Drops
Jerome Work Out 4:00:00
Mort Goldman Abuse Free Gym Trials 4:00:00
Rocky Balboa Tenderize Meat 4:00:00

Materials for Characters/Outfits

Hand Wrap (Common)

Character Task Time Drops
Bruce Wrap His Hand 6:00:00
Building Cost Time Drops
Shamrock Meats 18 6:00:00 2

Chicken Drumstick (Rare)

Character Task Time Drops
Lois Griffin Prepare Dinner 8:00:00
Joe Swanson Host a Dinner Party 8:00:00

Meatballs (Common)

Building Cost Time Drops
Lino’s Philly Cheesesteaks 95 4:00:00 4

Protein Powder (Extra Rare)

Building Cost Time Drops
Eye of the Tiger Herbalists 140 8:00:00 5

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for week one. Did we miss anything? Comment below!


3 thoughts on “Rocky Times in Quahog: Useful Characters & Buildings (Week 1)”

  1. Shouldn’t the next phase be starting soon?
    I’m just gathering stuff right now. Got rocky. I bought Appollo with $2 Amazon credit. Yay for free clams!
    It’s weird, I get at least 8 free clams a day on my android phone. I don’t get them on any other platform. Only on my phone, I have the tv that gives me 7 a day. One for visiting most days. Then the 2 Jesuses. I wonder why it’s not the same on anything else.


  2. I still haven’t unlocked Rocky.. should have him in an hour.. those drop rates on the golden tickets or whatever they are, are horrible


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