Leaderboards-Where are you at?


Hey Guys.. Fred Here.. Just wondering where everyone was at on the LeaderBoard?  Right now as of 2:00pm Wednesday Central US time, I am at # 56th place…


20 thoughts on “Leaderboards-Where are you at?”

    1. NOpe, I bought all of the morphin characters.. that was it.. and outfits.. no free clams, I didn’t cheat, and I only bought one chest of 1600 clams.. still have right under half of them..


  1. I ended up on the 555th place with 6574 points. The person on 500th place had 6940 points. I checked the scores at 6PM Eastern Time as the event was closing. As a freemium player i bought Rita Repulasa and White Ranger with my saved up Clams and I earned every character that was offered during the event. Played 24/7 and I really wanted to get under 500th place but it didn’t happened. Now I just hope that maybe some people were cheating and they going to be banned so I could move up below 500th place.


  2. just got an update for the game it’s 1.46.0 version on iOS. nothing new yet just got rid of the PR event& cover screen& what not that’s all.


  3. Normally I can grab atleast 2 leaderboard prizes but this time I didn’t even make the top 5.000. I really do not hope the 4 zords besides megazord are playable characters and instead I hope they are just walking decorations because if they are playable it will really strike hard that I didn’t try my best for this event.


  4. Unranked, a whopping score of 140. Haven’t played much this event, maybe once or twice a day. Really not into the game anymore. Still following your blog though. Keep up the good work. Too bad TinyCo has made these events so unplayable for the average Freemium player.


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