MMGR: Challenge #3

The best way to get this henchman to squeal.

The third challenge of the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers event is now live. Continue reading for more information.

Giant Monster Mash

  1. Fight the Water Kaiju 2 Times
  2. Fight the Flame Kaiju 2 Times
  3. Fight the Earth Kaiju 2 Times

Upon completing this third challenge, the Caged Pudgy Pig (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

And that wraps up the third challenge. How are you doing so far? All set for week four?


3 thoughts on “MMGR: Challenge #3”

  1. Lucky on some items, not so lucky on others. Still need 4 more to finish Blue Ranger. When does Week 4 start? My clock has me at less than a week.


  2. This one wasn’t bad at all, but I can imagine if you had bad timing with the kaiju, you might be in trouble on this one. 3/4 challenges done this event so far, Blue Ranger unlocked with a little under 2 days left on the timer, ready to get to week 4 and rock it!


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