MMGR: Challenge #2

He’s evil, so go ahead and tap on the glass.

The second challenge of the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers event is now live. Continue reading for more information.

Rita Strikes Again!

  1. Place the Caged Baboo

Upon completing this second challenge, the Caged Baboo (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

And that wraps up the easiest challenge ever. How are you doing so far? All set for week three?


11 thoughts on “MMGR: Challenge #2”

  1. if you still don’t have the caged baboo then yoi HAVE to message TinyCo.,and let them know then they’ll get it to you.


  2. i can’t find this at all! i do have that pop-up, but when i tap GO it doesnt take me anywhere idk what’s goong on


      1. yeah i just did message them.& it already triggered so the pop-up IS there for sure i have it. it says “Rita Strikes Again! Caged Baboo has been set free!” then the actual “challenge” for this week below that it says “Place the Caged Baboo”…but when i tap “GO”, NOTHING happens at all. doesn’t take me anywhere, doesn’t pop the store or inventory open like it usually does when you tap “GO” or anything like that.
        let’s wait for a reply.


    1. Actually I found the item in my shopping cart a few days ago. It was free so I placed it. When the quest activated, it completed itself.


    2. Samere here, I did not get the caged baboo. It is not in my inventory. When I click on go to place the caged baboo, nothing happens. Am I being cheated out of the week 2 challenge?


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