MMPG Week 1: How are you doing?

Week two of the Mighty Morphin Power Griffins event is near and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

Two new characters and one costume were added to our games this week. Did you ‘earn Red Ranger Peter and/or Red Ranger? Did you purchase Rita Repulsa and if so, has she been useful for you?

Upcoming Characters/Outfits

These are the characters/outfits you can expect over the remaining few weeks of this event. This doesn’t mean this is everything; they made add more as we get deeper into the event:

1. Alpha 5
2. Yellow Ranger Bonnie
3. Goldar Brian
4. Green Ranger Chris
5. Black Ranger Cleveland
6. Blue Ranger Joe
7. Hades Zord
8. Pink Ranger Lois
9. Megazord
10. Rita Repulsa Stewie
11. Zeus Zord

Power Conned (Week 2 Main Quest)

Here’s a preview of the week two questline. There might be changes so stay tuned Wednesday.

Power Conned pt. 1
1. Pink Ranger Cosplayers Are Here!
2. Have Lois Put On Her Costume

Power Conned pt. 2
1. Clear 2 Pink Ranger Cosplayers
2. Clear 6 Putty Cosplayers
3. Collect 2 Thunder Keychains

Power Conned pt. 3
1. Collect 3 Power Crystals from Cosplayers
2. Place the Pink Ranger Firing Range

Power Conned pt. 4
1. The Flame Kaiju Makes Its Entrance
2. Have Pink Ranger Lois Fix Her Helmet Hair

Power Conned pt. 5
1. Use Pink Ranger Lois to Make a Pterodactyl Zord
2. Battle the Flame Kaiju!
3. Earn 3 Red T-Shirts

Power Conned pt. 6
1. Make the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord
2. Battle the Earth Kaiju
3. Place the Angel Grove Karate

Power Conned pt. 7
1. Clear 2 Red Ranger Cosplayers
2. Combine into the Pterodactyl Dinozord
3. Defeat the Flame Kaiju

Power Conned pt. 8
1. Have Pink Ranger Lois Enjoy Her Power
2. Place Finster’s Workshop
3. Check Back Next Week!

Are you enjoying this event so far? All set for week 2? Have any tips or anything else to add? Comment below!


15 thoughts on “MMPG Week 1: How are you doing?”

  1. Is it better to wait for the Earth Kaju to run out of time? It’s up to 7 health now. I’m hoping that it will reset to the original lower health and give more Smoothies at a lower red crystal cost. Does that work?


  2. i FINALLY won a weekly challenge! it’s been forever wow!; all i have left for the Red Ranger also are ALL of the thunderSlingers(just placerd the “Kaiju Zoo” yesterday) 6 more wrist communicators(which are being a total SOB at the moment)& that’s it. so probably won’t make it to phase2 stuff until a couple days after they release it…
    how’s everybody else doing?


  3. I’m doing okay except the wrist communicators are just not dropping. Despite trying diligently for 3 days, I’ve gotten just 3 of them. Crazy drop rate.


  4. I’m doing good except for Red Ranger. Just waiting on 8 wrist communicators…Have everything else… I’ll have to say that I am enjoying this one so far, but the pace does seem a bit slow


  5. I get they want to make money so they can keep developing, but 1) these events are too short and we can’t finish in time, and 2) drop rates are ridiculous. I have great fears for them ruining Futurama’s game.


    1. R.. after you decommission the dinozord, before you click on anyone or anything.. go to ollieland and click on 3 of the characters… Works every time


      1. You don’t have to click on anything just visit Ollie or someone else then return to your home. That refreshes the dinozord.


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