MMGP Info (Week 1)

Prepare to morph! The Power Rangers are hanging out with the Griffins at Quahog PowerCon! Reload your game to join them now!

Week one of the Mighty Morphin Power Griffins event is now live. Continue reading for more info about this week and click here for week 1 quests.

TinyCo’s FAQ for Mighty Morphin Power Griffins

Event Ends: April 19th, 2017 ~15:00 PST

60 Tyrannosaurus Power Coins () 10 Red Power Sword Toys () 6 White Boots () 7 Red Ranger Helmet Replicas ()
Get by clearing Putty Cosplayers Angel Grove High School () Have Joe Visit the Gun Range () Have Jerome Play Darts ()
Have Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Walk Around Carefully () Have Lois Freshen Up ()

Red Ranger becomes available after reaching “The Family that Cosplays Together Pt. 5.” After activating the timer, you will have 7 days to complete the quest to unlock him.

11 Wrist Communicators () 9 Blade Blasters () 14 Thunder Slingers () 13 Stuffed Tyrannosauruses () 13 Tyrannosaurus Power Morphers ()
Get from the Cosplay Costume Shop () Get by clearing Red Ranger Cosplayers Get from the Kaiju Zoo () Get from Lord Zedd’s Sleeping Chamber () Have T. Zord Roar Uncontrollably ()
Have Mort Sell Used Electronics () Have Bruce Hit the Hay ()
Have Herbert Play With Walkie-Talkies ()

Rita Repulsa – 260 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg

New Premium Buildings:

Angel Grove Juice Bar – 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops 14 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg every 24 hours. Stops when event ends.
Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Statue – 210 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops Green Souvenir Cups
Power Rangers Command Center – 190 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops Lightning Keychains
Space Dumpster – 160 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, 6 Putty Cosplayers when you collect from it.

New Freemium Decorations:

Red Battle Bike – 100 PowerCon Pins
Kaiju Egg – 12 PowerCon Pins
Kaiju Footprint – 10 PowerCon Pins
Crater – 8 PowerCon Pins

How do I clear Putty Cosplayers?

Putty Cosplayers can be cleared by simply tapping on them. Putty Cosplayers spawn every few minutes, and you may have a maximum of 8 on your play space at a time. However, you may have more than 8 at a time if you collect them from the Space Dumpster.

How do I clear Red Ranger Cosplayers?

Chris Griffin and Rita Repulsa can be used to clear Red Ranger Cosplayers. They spawn every few minutes, and you may have a maximum of 8 on your play space at a time. They drop Blade Blasters, Thunderbolt Keychains, Red Zeo Subcrystals, and Power Con Pins.

How do I get Red Zeo Subcrystals?

Use Zeo Subcrystals to morph characters into Zords, which can then be used to battle Kaiju to earn special rewards. Red Zeo Subcrystals can be obtained by clearing Red Ranger Cosplayers or by purchasing them in the shop with Clams.

Number Prize Requirements
1 Angel Grove High School 13 PowerCon Pins, 4 Thunderbolt Keychains
2 Giant Satalite Dish 36 PowerCon Pins, 2 Thunderbolt Keychains
3 Giant Robot Junkyard 47 PowerCon Pins, 9 Thunderbolt Keychains, 1 Green Souvenir Cups
4 Kaiju Zoo 4 Green Souvenir Cups
5 Cosplay Costume Shop 70 PowerCon Pins, 15 Thunderbolt Keychains, 2 Green Souvenir Cups
6 Red Ranger’s Gym 40 PowerCon Pins, 8 Green Souvenir Cups
7 Lord Zord’s Sleeping Chamber 45 PowerCon Pins, 24 Thunderbolt Keychains
Total Requirements 251 PowerCon Pins, 54 Thunderbolt Keychains, 15 Green Souvenir Cups

And that pretty much wraps up the basic information for week one of this event. Stay tuned for detailed posts.

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


20 thoughts on “MMGP Info (Week 1)”

  1. After completing part 6 in quest line and learning about the leader board the main quest line has disappeared from my game. have completed tasks necessary in part 7 but don’t know if it is registering. Waiting to hear from Tiny Co so I can move on in the game.


  2. I am confused, if these characters drop coins…why aren’t they showing as dropping coins? Also, is there a list as to who all drop coins and what actions?


    1. Red Rangers OR Putty Patrol OR Questlines OR Zord Tasks OR Fight Kaiju OR Carl Wear A PowerCon Wristband OR Neil Goldman Sell Knockoff Wristbands OR Lyle Worship Alpha 5 OR Diabeto Roll to PowerCon OR Cleveland Jr Fear Cosplay Monsters OR Steve Smith Visit PowerCon.


    1. I sure hope so, since they are also in the movie and why would they just have the Red Ranger and Blue Ranger in the game. I also would love it if the Green Ranger and White Ranger made one too…even if they are not in the movie.


    1. Depends on the device. iOS and Android should be live by now. Also, depending on what country you’re in, the event may not be available.


    2. Your phone probably hasn’t done the update yet. For Android, go to the Play Store, search for the game, and your choices should be to UNINSTALL / UPDATE. If you already have the update and it’s not loading, you would see UNINSTALL / OPEN.


  3. I can’t get past part 2 because I’ve cleared over 30 puttys and still no keychain drop. I’m also not seeing any drops on Neil, Diabetto, Steve, etc. What is wrong with my game?!! And I purchased Rita so serves me right for spending clams before knowing the new theme has so many problems.


  4. Carl and Neil Goldman drop Coins. These are the characters in my game that drop them but there might be more. It’s an 8 hour quest so if anyone wants to check their characters they have to scroll down their quest list to an 8 hour quests because they are not listed at the top.


    1. i was just going to ask this. After i was like wait no they don’t then didn’t see until i scrolled down their tasks lol


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