Coming Soon: Power Rangers

Quahog Heat is finally over. Let us never speak of it again.

TinyCo has teased their latest event set to go live on Wednesday March 22, 2017 by pre-releasing a premium character at a discounted price.

Rita Repulsa can be purchased for 220 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg over the next two days before she goes back to the regular price of 260 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg.

This is yet another topic I know very little about but hopefully it’ll be more engaging than the previous event. These are some of the characters/outfits you can expect over the course of this event. As usual, everything is subject to change.

Upcoming Characters/Outfits:
  • Alpha
  • Blue Ranger
  • Cronus Zord
  • Hades Zord
  • Megazord
  • Red Ranger
  • Tyrannosaurus Dinozord
  • Zeus Zord
  • Yellow Ranger Bonnie
  • Kaiju Cosplay Brian
  • Green Ranger Chris Cosplay
  • Black Ranger Cleveland Cosplay
  • Blue Ranger Joe Cosplay
  • Pink Ranger Lois Cosplay
  • Meg Zord
  • Red Ranger Peter
  • Rita Repulsa Stewie


    The Family that Cosplays Together pt. 1
    1. The Kaiju Convention is in Town!
    2. Have Peter Get Kaiju Con Passes

    The Family that Cosplays Together pt. 2
    1. Learn about Putty Cosplayers
    2. Clear 6 Putty Cosplayers

    The Family that Cosplays Together pt. 3
    1. Collect 2 Souvenir Keychains
    2. Place the Giant Satellite Dish

    The Family that Cosplays Together pt. 4
    1. Find the Red Ranger
    2. Clear 18 Putty Cosplayers
    3. Place Angel Grove High

    The Family that Cosplays Together pt. 5
    1. Learn about Red Ranger Cosplayers
    2. Earn 3 Power Crystals from Red Ranger Cosplayers
    3. Have Red Ranger Peter Pull His Wedgies

    The Family that Cosplays Together pt. 6
    1. Kaiju are Invading!
    2. Use Red Ranger Peter to make the red dinozord
    3. Battle the Cave Dweller Kaiju

    The Family that Cosplays Together pt. 7
    1. Clear 24 Putty Cosplayers
    2. Clear 2 Red Ranger Cosplayers
    3. Have Quagmire Deflate Inflatable Ex-Girlfriends

    The Family that Cosplays Together pt. 8
    1. Place the Red Ranger Gym
    2. Have Red Ranger Peter Practice Power Posing
    3. Check back next week!
    End of quest until next week.

  • Leaderboards are back: Prize #1 = Kaiju Cosplay Brian, Prize #2 = Megazord, Prize #3 = Zordon
  • End date probably April 19th, unknown at the moment.
  • Red Ranger Peter, Red Ranger, and Rita Repulsa are the characters/outfits released during week one.

  • There’s a lot more information to sift through if anyone wants to take a look.

    Here’s to a better event! Intrigued by anything so far? Are you a mighty morphin power ranger? Comment below!


    17 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Power Rangers”

    1. I finished part 6 of the family that cosplays together but now it disappeared and won’t bring me to part 7. I tried force closing & rebooting nothing seems to help???


      1. It’s not live yet. Should drop any moment now but it’s not like there’s a predetermined time in which they expect events to start.


    2. there’s 2 updates that they must have just released so i’m on iOS and it’s version 1.43.2; so all those did so far is changed the thumbnail and description of it app in iTunes.


    3. i’ll lmao if Giant Chicken comes back around too for 100th time in a year haha i i mean honestly i feel like the storylines are getting really repetitive; they running out of names of or anything different with buildings&💩 like that. idk yet i may or may NOT be playing this event which will be the very FIRST time i’ve ever done this since the beginning of me starting playing. they’re jus jumping on the new


    4. If they had used the Rita from the original Power Rangers, I would have bought her ASAP. The new movies looks like crap, to go along with the gender/race swapping. I’ll just take yet another break from the game. Probably gonna give up all together when Futurama comes out.


    5. Thanks! I see Bertram will be back. Isn’t that odd? I didn’t know. Lol
      Tinyco said the game play would be a little different now, wonder how!? I hope it wasn’t just the leader boards being back up. Lol


    6. Last event was crap. Unless you have no life, got lucky with every single drop or spent clams on everything, you wouldn’t finish that last event. And now Power Rangers. YAWN!!! Guessing Tinyco is now signing marketing deals in an effort to squeeze out more money.


    7. Haven’t played in an event that had a leaderboard (not around all that long). Looking forward to something different. How does it work?


      1. Basically collect as much of a certain currency to build up your rank; the more collect, the higher your rank. Depending on where you finish, you’d win a certain prize(s).


    8. Thanks for the Heads up DragonJay!!!! I take it you really hated that last event… I gotta speak a little about it… I have been done with everything since Saturday… I only traded in for badges once in that whole last week… And that was because I had to for the quests.. I was so bored… Oh yeah, and in the weekly challenges, I did not get even one weekly prize.. I decided that I was gonna save my police tape for the next weeks quests..


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