Quahog Heat Challenge #3

Comes with a “kitt” and caboodle of features.

The third challenge of the Quahog Heat 80’s event is now live and you have 48 hours to complete this challenge. Continue reading for more information.

Life of the Party Guy

  1. Check Out The Prize
  2. Clear 18 Party Guys

Upon completing this third challenge, The Night Lowrider (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

And that wraps up the third challenge. How are you doing so far? All set for week four (lol no)?


5 thoughts on “Quahog Heat Challenge #3”

  1. 💥☄️BOOOM!!!☄️💥…blew this challenge completely out of the water!…as in didn’t even stand a chance🤤😓😑


  2. Not even going to try. I have not missed a challenge since day one. The ones in this event are not even close. When I needed sharks last week, I couldn’t find one to save my life. Now, I need the party guys and the new boss battle and I am getting all the sharks.


    1. I had that problem too. The key seems to be send just Peter, not Peter and Lois, into the pool. I found out after two rounds of getting sharks, but since then (and only sending Peter) I’m getting Party Guys. Hopefully not too late for me.


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