Quahog Heat Week 1: How are you doing?

Week two of the Quahog Heat 80’s event is near and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

One new character and two costumes were added to our games this week. Did you earn Miami Cop Peter and/or Erik Estrada? Did you purchase Chopper Cop Quagmire and if so, has he been useful for you?

Upcoming Characters/Outfits

As mentioned previously, these are the characters you can expect over the next few weeks of this event:

1. Captain Dickson
2. Greg Jenko
3. Mitch Buchanan
4. Inspector Gadget
5. MacGyver (Being released in Week 2)
6. Morton Schmidt
7. Jazzercise Bonnie (Being released in Week 2)
8. Magnum P.I Joe (Being released in Week 2)
9. Lifeguard Lois (Being released in Week 2)
10. McConaughey Brian (Unknown if it’ll be released)
11. Jazzercise Bruce (Unknown if it’ll be released)


In regards to the boss battles (Betram in week 1, Kingpin Consuela in week 2). You may be required to attack it multiple times to defeat it. If you have multiple characters that can attack, clear one and send it back on the attacking task then clear the next. If you defeat the boss, then wait until you spawn another one before clearing the next character.

If you somehow were able to unlock everything but the Party Yacht from Luxury Wheels & Deals, you may want to hold off getting it. Right now it doesn’t drop anything (may change in week two) and it’s quite costly. As it’s not timed, the 16 Police Badges may help you get a head in week two.

Are you enjoying this event so far? All set for week 2? Have any tips or anything else to add? Comment below!


7 thoughts on “Quahog Heat Week 1: How are you doing?”

  1. If investigations don’t yield what you need (handcuffs or Bertram) simply immediately force close the game and log back in and you have another chance – this is the same glitch as in the football event and comes from TinyCo constantly recycling programming code 😉

    Worked fine for me, normally I get handcuffs on the fourth or so re-try (if not immediately). Good luck.


  2. well i gotta story that seriously just happened to me i wanted to share LOL&& obviously it did NOT happen in my fav whatsoever!: when it comes to timed-characters, it seems as though every single time i am ALWAYS failing like 98% of falling like a centimeter short of successfully unlocking said time-characters so i finally took the chance to write in and tell them about why does it keep happening to me etc.,. i even gve them a suggestion if there was anyway you know the lots of FREEM players who are always falling short and getting so damn close to getting these kinda hard characters especially if you do not have to spend tons of clams at all. I sent them screenshots to jus further round about of what i was trying to explain so for example this has jus now happened to me with Erik Estrada! i ONLY needed 1 more pair of boots and of course ALL of the 6 fan mail in which i had the building placed for 3-4 days now and not a single fan mail at all; i had about 15-18 hours left until he was to go away& so they automatically gave me ALL 6 of the fanmail(which wow surprised the hell out of me so made me think yeah i am probably NOT the only one they may have did this too as well so amazing awesome of them though IF so!)…i completely missed their response back to me and i completely missed out on getting Erik Estrada so how why what happened you say?!…welp my dumb@$$ i slept through today. Missed him still. so of course i’ve been punching myself in the face(no not literally, but jus “figure-of-speeching” lmao); i’m upset at the fact that i ruined and completely destroyed that opportunity omg.😓🤢😳😣😤😑😖😔😕😠


  3. never even got close to Estrada, still stuck on Pt 7 of the first Quest. It’s amazing how each event get s worse and worse. Three characters dropping RARE items is a joke, then hoping against hope to get Bertram. Can’t get to the vault now, won’t buy the Quagmire skin and Estrada is gone. Terrible. Why do I have $50M in coins? They never add anything to buy. Why am I collecting hundreds of Stewie Bucks? They never add anything to buy. The event is awful and the game is becoming a joke.


  4. I am wondering if the update is going to be today or tomorrow… The event doesn’t end until 18 days and 20 hours from right now.. So that might be an extra day on this week..
    On another note, I did not get the challenge for this week… Kinda holding off on purchasing the Party Yacht..


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