Quahog Heat Challenge #1 & Upcoming Characters

It's always "Sonny" in Miami.
It’s always “Sonny” in Miami.

The first challenge of the Quahog Heat 80’s event is now live and you have 48 hours to complete this challenge. Continue reading for more information and some yummy spoilers for week two.

Thick with Thieves

  1. Check Out The Prize
  2. Defeat 33 Robbers

Upon completing this first challenge, the White Hot Sports Car (pictured above) will be in your inventory.


Please Note: Anything not live is subject to change.

Upcoming Characters/Outfits

With week one nearly in the books, these are possible characters/outfits that could be released during the remainder of this event:

1. Captain Dickson
2. Greg Jenko
3. Mitch Buchanan
4. Inspector Gadget
5. MacGyver (Being released in Week 2)
6. Morton Schmidt
7. Jazzercise Bonnie (Being released in Week 2)
8. Magnum P.I Joe (Being released in Week 2)
9. Lifeguard Lois (Being released in Week 2)
10. McConaughey Brian (Disappeared after from updated files)
11. Jazzercise Bruce (Disappeared after from updated files)

Let’s Play Some Cards (Week 2 Main Quest)

Let’s Play Some Cards pt. 1
1. Kingpin Consuela & Her Card Sharks Are Here!
2. Investigate a Room to Find Card Sharks
3. Find 1 Video poker machine

Let’s Play Some Cards pt. 2
1. Clear 1 Card Shark
2. Earn Some Old Fish
3. Trade Old Fish for Badges at the Police Station

Let’s Play Some Cards pt. 3
1. Place the Lifeguard Tower
2. Have Miami Cop Peter Dodge Danger

Let’s Play Some Cards pt. 4
1. Get 9 Police Tape
2. Place the Megahit VHS Rental

Let’s Play Some Cards pt. 5
1. Clear 6 Robbers
2. Have Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup

Let’s Play Some Cards pt. 6
1. Have Miami Cop Peter Catch a Ride
2. Have Bruce Order Rainbow Rolls

Let’s Play Some Cards pt. 7
1. Place the Hold the Phone Store
2. Have Lifeguard Lois Guard the Beach
3. Have Jerome Fight Off Sharks

Let’s Play Some Cards pt. 8
1. Search for Kingpin Consuela in the Casino
2. Battle Kingpin Consuela 1 times!
3. Check Back Next Week for more Radness!
End of quest until week three.

And that wraps up the first challenge and event spoilers. How are you doing so far? Excited for any of the upcoming characters/outfits? Let down by anything? Comment below!


14 thoughts on “Quahog Heat Challenge #1 & Upcoming Characters”

    1. I only seem to have a glitch where when I discover Bertram and the six robbers at the same time, I only get Bertram but no robbers. This happened twice and so I’m twelve robbers short…


    2. This might be one where I do not get the challenges.. It is just for Deco’s anyway.. I might just save my badges for the next week’s events..

      Also, does anyone know if we have to purchase that big boat or can we save our stuff?


      1. Don’t think it’s a necessary purchase as it doesn’t drop anything useful at the moment but could change next week. As it’s not timed, I would recommend holding off on purchasing it.


    1. Well we don’t have to :P. I presume you saw this on Reddit; where I posted the file. It makes no sense to me hence why I left it out. As noted, things can change in a flash, nothing is set in stone. As we get a clearer picture, we’ll let you know.


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