Coming Soon: Quahog Heat

Peter and the guys take the case when a crime spree sweeps Quahog, and their favorite 80s TV Show Detectives are swinging by to help them save the day. Work cases with David Hasselhoff, MacGyver and Erik Estrada! Investigate crime scenes and battle bosses to solve crimes! Get nostalgic collecting new 80s-inspired content! Will Peter’s detective agency uncover the criminal mastermind? Not without your help!

App update 1.39.0 is out for iOS and should be soon for Android. Other platforms (Facebook, Amazon/Kindle) may have to wait until tomorrow.

I have no idea when the Quahog Heat event will go live (probably minutes after I go sleep) and at this time I have no information to provide either. We’ll post information such as this weeks quests, information, and useful characters/buildings asap tomorrow so be on the look out for that.

For now, once the event goes live, TinyCo’s FAQ has been pretty decent lately so follow this link.


8 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Quahog Heat”

  1. yeah that really sucks why we all can’t jus start new events equally and at the same time. i was a Android user, but always had the updates on Google Play as soon as everybody else did though. i’ve have had iOs for under a year now.


  2. Family Addicts claims the Event is live, but it’s STILL not up on Google Play. WTF is going on? And TinyCo are the same bunch of idiots that are going to be doing Futurama. Doesn’t bode well.


      1. It’s been several HOURS now. I’ve had a LONG unproductive chat with Google Play and they say they are “working” on it.


      2. As per TinyCo’s FAQ: Android users will be able to play Quahog Heat once the latest app update, Version 1.39.0, is downloaded. We are aware that this update is not appearing on Google Play, and we are currently contacting Google to find out why it is not available. We apologize about the inconvenience.

        All you can do is wait, unfortunately :(.


  3. VERY disappointed with the last mini event. I was literally hours away from getting the Peter outfit. Just too dang short if you don’t spend money. Really ticks me off, but not enough to quit lol.


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