Kung Pow Quahog Event Wrap Up

As Kung Pow Quahog set to end on February 15th, 2017 ~ 3:00 PM PST, we look back at everything that was featured and what to do with your remaining currency.

NEXT EVENT: Undercover Gigg-olo

TinyCo teased the next event by releasing Pimp Stewie for 200 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg. This special promotion will last two days before going back to 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg.


Remember, only character quests will continue after the event. Everything else will disappear.
Week 1 Quests
Week 2 Quests
Week 3 Quests
Week 4 Quests


Remember, you can’t continue to work on unlocking them; only fully unlocked characters/outfits will be yours forever.

Week 1

Walking Joe
Dojo Peter
Daniel LaRusso

Week 2

Tai-Jitsu Lois
Ninja Stewie
Samurai Quagmire
Johnny Lawrence

Week 3

Yogi Fighter Brian
Billy Blanks
Golden Dragon

Week 3

Kung Fu Herbert
Sumo Chris
Kung Pow Giant Chicken


If you still have any Chopsticks lying around and you would like to use it up, TinyCo has released a mystery box with all the event areas featured. At a cost of 250 kpq_chopsticks per try, here’s what you can win:

Fighting Area
Ramen Cart
Cherry Blossom Tree
Stewie Mystery Box Decoration
Brian Mystery Box Decoration

Of course if none of those fit your fancy, there’s all the various decorations released each week you can splurge on to decorate your town.

That wraps up Kung Pow Quahog. This event was definitely better (in my opinion) than the Christmas event. Hopefully you found our posts helpful/useful. If you’re still working on anything, you only have a couple hours so keep on trucking and try your best before the next event goes live.

Were you able to unlock any or all of the freemium characters? Did you purchase any of the premium ones? Any ideas about what to expect in next event? Comment below!


7 thoughts on “Kung Pow Quahog Event Wrap Up”

  1. ehhhhh. well, i was more successful in this event than I thought I was gonna be& did make it to the final phase of content. so since i’ve had Mr.WasheeWashee(from fatfather event) i didn’t get Mr. Miyagi, Sumo Chris, or Giant Chicken with the costume(still do not have him at all actually.) i was NOT successful at all in unloading and obtaining the timed characters in this event as well. I really think majority of us freemium players STILL can’t get Giant Chicken, I mean in every single one of his appearances in the game, they wanna categorize him is easily obtainable as the “freemium way”, BUT…in actual reality you needed to use some X-amount of clams to obtain him!


    1. *well no i could say this as i go through everybody’s comments on the posts i read some success stories about this lmao: scratch the part out about the majority of us freemium have been unable to unlock& obtain Giant Chicken, but i still do feel more can’t unlock him at all….now i’m locked out of my game at the moment. Grrr.😑


  2. Probably the most successful event for me where I didn’t spend any clams, in a long, long time. Got all the characters, including the timed ones and Mr. Miyagi (had Mr Washee Washee already), and I should be able to get Kung Pow Giant Chicken before the event ends. I was getting a bit worried when we started needing 3 contracts per fight with the Samurai, but they dialed that back for future weeks and it seemed remarkably *fair*, which is a word I wouldn’t normally use for the events in this game.

    The timed characters are still awful, though. Thanks for your information provided for the event, definitely helps a lot in the planning to know what’s needed. As long as one is not terribly unlucky, I’ve found that a huge part of success in the events is figuring out roadblocks and critical paths, putting people on the best tasks to avoid being stuck. Having the full info is critical in planning that.

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  3. Jay, any spoilers about what the new valentines day event will include regards characters and whatnot? Would you happen to know if this’ll be a week long event or a month long event like we just had? Thanks


    1. Unfortunately I have no idea. It can go either way, be a mini two week event or a month long thing. Just gotta wait and see. Hopefully when it goes live, we’ll get a better understanding of what to expect.


    2. i don’t think it’s all gonna be about Valentine’s Day, but i’m not sure who knows lmao i jus think if so it’s hilarious when VD was YESTERDAY so it’ll be like…um…okay…wtf😶


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