Kung Pow Quahog Week 3: How are you guys doing?

Week four of Kung Pow Quahog is scheduled to go live sometime tomorrow and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

Two new characters and one costume were added to our games this week. Did you earn Billy Blanks? Did you purchase Yogi Fighter Brian and if so, has he been useful for you fighting all bad guys? Were you able to defeat the Golden Dragon to earn Golden Dragon?

Week Four Features

This is what you can expect over the course of week four. Please note, as nothing is live, everything is subject to change.

1. Kung Fu Master Herbert – Premium (Mystery Box)
2. Sho’nuff – Premium (I think)
3. Sumo Chris – Freemium
4. Kung Pow Giant Chicken – Freemium (I think)
5. Sumo Wrestlers are this weeks new bad guy.

Week Four Quest

Takin’ It to the Streets
Takin’ It to the Streets pt. 1
1. Sumo Wrestlers are here!
2. Have Dojo Peter Flaunt His Trophy

Takin’ It to the Streets pt. 2
1. Defeat Sumo Wrestler
2. Get Sumo Belt
3. Trade Sumo Belt for Event Currency

Takin’ It to the Streets pt. 3
1. Collect 5 Fight Contracts
2. Defeat 2 Sumo Wrestlers
3. Kung Pow Giant Chicken is back!

Takin’ It to the Streets pt. 4
1. Have Mort Stock XXXL Diapers
2. Place Mulan Rouge Clinic

Takin’ It to the Streets pt. 5
1. Defeat 2 Samurai
2. Defeat 2 Sensei
3. Defeat 1 Sumo Wrestler

Takin’ It to the Streets pt. 6
1. Defeat 6 White Belts
2. Place Death Island

Takin’ It to the Streets pt. 7
1. Place Dr. Lings Acupuncture Clinic
2. Have Sumo Chris Bulk-Order Weight Gain Powder

Takin’ It to the Streets pt. 8
1. Place Pachinko Palace
2. Defeat 2 Sumo Wrestlers
3. Defeat Kung Pow Giant Chicken
End of quest!

Just a reminder, the main questline wont continue but the character quests will so I wouldn’t bother finishing them.

Are you enjoying this event so far? All set for week 4? Have any tips or anything else to add? Comment below!


18 thoughts on “Kung Pow Quahog Week 3: How are you guys doing?”

  1. 2 more red envelopes and i will have the Golden Dragon!; crazy to think i’m FINALLY doing okay like i wasn’t before and there’s like what 3-4days left. i will be on phase4 stuff after i get the Surging Tsnami deco; i’ve defeated the Kung Pow Giant Chicken 2 or 3 times since yesterday and…i’m okay again like honestly i like how i’m playing again i’m absolutely getting the stuff i only WANT to unlock and collecting up as many decos and buildings as i can so…it’s all good in myy hood lmao😂🤣


  2. FINALLY got clam videos back well today got the 7 today at least. we’ll see over the next few days what happens. i sent a ticket in and it was some kind of glitch causing it i was going to post a post about it, but forgot.


  3. I am doing surprisingly well with this event. I have been completely freemium and am waiting for the update with 61 rice balls and 48 tickets toward the dragon. I agree that getting the building that drops contracts first helped a lot.

    I have really enjoyed this event and it is the first one in a looooong time (I think Star Trek was the last one) that I have truly enjoyed and haven’t felt behind on. I think a big part of that is not having key characters taken hostage. I hope Tiny do will do more events in this style.


    1. Concur with all. Tiny is listening!

      I have more than 200 rice balls, so I hope to tear through phase 4 quickly.

      This has been a good one.

      But boy do I miss the Star Trek events.

      So ready for Third Contact!


  4. Things have gone *very* well this week, nearly have the dragon, and have over 100 rice balls saved up for week 4, so I should be able to get most of the buildings right away. I hadn’t considered attacking the chicken one on one, I think that’s what I’ll do with my people between now and when the next phase starts, to finish up getting materials for the dragon.


  5. I’m doing surprisingly ok. I got all the new freemium characters without too much trouble and I have 61 rice balls for next week. I have 40/75 red packets for Golden Dragon so I hope I can get it next week. The only thing I bought was Tai-Jitsu Lois and she helped me quite a bit in fights that week. I hope I can also collect enough surplus materials to get Mr. Washee Washee and Mr. Miyagi by the end of the event. The fight contracts seem to be dropping quite well recently, so fingers crossed next week will be smooth sailing through calm seas 🙂


  6. doing fair, but not as much as i really want to be since i’m absolutely loving the zen plants, etc.,that’s about it lol! i haven’t had clam videos for OVER a week now when i did see in my bf’s game that he’s still getting the 7 clams for those videos in a row. idk what’s going on with this, but it’s bumming me out because i rely heavily on those frees clams.☹️


    1. I’m not sure what type of device you are playing on, but I am on an iPad and had the same problem. I prefer to play on iPad vs phone as it is a bigger screen but one day I opened the game on my iPhone and the tv was there with all 7 videos. I am now checking phone daily and am getting the free clams about every 24 hours.


  7. I finished week 3 tasks freemium long ago and got the Golden Dragon this morning. It was weird to see 2 of the huge dragons floating around in my game at the same time. I have 147 extra rice balls stored up for week 4, which should help. For week 3, I had enough rice balls stored up to buy all of the buildings in the first 5 minutes. That was key. I never bought any potions, so I’m hoping the dragon nets me a potion from the 24-hour Get Lucky task.

    This has been a good event. Not too hard. The smartest think I did was to buy the building that gave out free fight contracts on the first day of the event. That seemed to make everything else go much more smoothly. Contracts seemed to be the sticking point on the critical path for this game.


  8. I have figured out a little trick to get extra materials to get the gold dragon… If you battle the Kung Pow giant chicken and do not defeat him, it gives you one of each.. So, instead of having 3 guys attack the chicken at one time, I am having the guys attack him individually.. Right now I have 13 expired tickets and those will be no good tomorrow.. So I am using them up to get the golden dragon out of the way!!!! Good luck campers!!!!


      1. There might be a new main boss (like Mr. Washee Washee or Mr. Miyagi) but looking at the questline for week four, Kung Pow Giant Chicken might not be going anywhere so the expired tickets might now be useless.


      2. They’re still going to be useless because fighting the chicken in week four needs eggs not coupons right?

        Also, fighting the chicken is a ridiculously inefficient way of getting black belts when compared to fighting Senseis so I have now followed fred’s logic and used the coupons to get dragon offerings instead. Makes sense as I still need 40 envelopes for the dragon.


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