Kung Pow Quahog: What Really Grinds Your Gears?


Welcome to our – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!

We’re on our third different event to start 2017 so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

The Kung Pow Quahog update has been live for quite a while, has there been anything in particular that has almost made you tap that uninstall button?!

We would really like to hear what was grinding your gears – is it the fact that a lot of the characters you can unlock are pretty useless outside battles? Is it the iffy drop rates? Is it the boring, overused plot?! Whatever it is, we would love to hear what has been grinding your gears since the last event!


13 thoughts on “Kung Pow Quahog: What Really Grinds Your Gears?”

  1. I really like this event, delayed triggering Daniel and got him two days ago. Since then he’s been killing nerds and now earned enough belts for Mr Washee Washee so I got two new characters.

    Doing the same in week two, just waiting for the last bits for the Quagmire costume and then killing Samurais is going to be easy, will then trigger Johnny and hopefully should get him just in time for defeating Mr Miyagi a few times to get the 450 belts for that character. Happy days! 🙂

    I think people get way too stressed with progressing the weekly questline, delaying it makes a lot of sense in these long events.


  2. I have been locked out again.. Happened last night, I haven’t been able to get in for like 16 hours now.. Having serious DT’s!!!!


  3. Another buggerd up event, if u dont pay u dont get anywhere, I play every 5 or 6 hours, still failed to get Daniel. So only got Peter to fight, still not killed mr washy , think i will give up on this one.


  4. I really hate that tinyco says they have not changed the drop rate on fight contracts. First week was easy, now that we need even more the rates really really suck. I can send all characters out for 4 hours, and sometimes get nothing! So, the weekly challenge is to defeat 4 samurai; MIGHT be doable, but doubtful. The greed has convinced me not to spend anymore money on this game.

    I really wish there was a way for us to all strike! Lol I’m serious tho. I bet if everyone stopped playing for a few days, and I bet they’d get the clue. Paying 250 clams for just a costume! If they need the money so bad, couldn’t they lower the prices. I mean so many more would spend, right? I don’t own a business, but it makes sense to me.


  5. I’m really tired of GreedyCo! Drop rates continue to decrease and prices for premiums go up. All premium characters are 250 clams in this event. 600 clams is $19.99 +tax. That’s nearly $7US per character (maybe more as brain isn’t functioning well. Are you joking?!? To get Daniel was impossible (for me at least). I love the show and game. I’ll continue to play no matter what, but greed really ticks me off. Simpsons Tapped Out is better bang for you non bucks (still freemium of course)


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