New Friends

Okay guys and girls.. Since this week is winding down, and we have a day and a half to go… I have been wanting to have a post where people can add each other as friends… If you have been playing the game for a while.. You might not need friends. Which is extra coins.. But, I personally, like to go into other people’s towns’ and see how they have it set up..


I am going to start here.. You can add me through facebook if you have the game liked there.. My email to find me is… Just, if you add me as a friend on facebook.. Send me a note, telling me who you are and put something like familyguy tips..

So, if you want to get friends, put your facebook contact on this post..


5 thoughts on “New Friends”

  1. Fred I swear I’m not stupid, but I still can’t add friends! When I click add friends, it’s just shows a few of my fb friends that don’t play. They should! But when I try the search field, I type, but nothing happens. In other games, it brings the people up.


  2. phase2 just released. the decos won’t stop calling my name i’m freakin’ lovin’ the Japanese garden type of stuff so far WISHING there were more other ways to get chopsticks! i wanna SPLURGE so bad GAAAH😍😶😳🤤


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