Kung Pow Quahog: Challenge #1

Bet on him in a bar fight.
Bet on him in a bar fight.

The first challenge of Kung Pow Quahog is now live and you have 48 hours to complete this challenge.

You’re the Best Around!

  1. Clear 20 Karate Kids
  2. Defeat 4 Nerds

Upon completing this first challenge, Plastered Master (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

And that wraps up the first challenge. How are you doing so far? Almost ready for week 2? Comment below!


3 thoughts on “Kung Pow Quahog: Challenge #1”

  1. stg it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get that Daniel guy unlocked when i have like almost a little over a day MAYBE i mean wtf did they expect for freemium once again OF COURSE who ONLY have DoJo Peter(&& that’s even a f****** longshot takes FOREVER to finally unlock!) and…. you know what forget it i can’t even put into words on wtf they’re coming up wit this s*** it’s so not fun anymore i’m sick and tired of it all so screw them and this damn game!!!


  2. When knocking off Mr Washee washee we collect bottles of detergent, why are we collecting them for ??? Nothing is mentioned in the Q&A’s
    Anyone have any idea what there for ????

    Many thanks.


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