Kung Pow Quahog Quests (Week 1)

Week 1 of Kung Pow Quahog is now live. These are the quests for this week.

Mojo in the Dojo (Main Quest)
Mojo in the Dojo pt. 1
1. Check out event HUB
2. Have Peter Buy Inflatable Sumo Suits

Mojo in the Dojo pt. 2
1. Clear 1 Karate Kid
2. Trade in White Belts for Rice Balls at the Ramen Cart

Mojo in the Dojo pt. 3
1. Get a Trophy
2. Clear another Karate Kid

Mojo in the Dojo pt. 4
1. Place Feng Shui Sanctuary
2. Meditate at the Cherry Blossom Tree
3. Wait For The Competition

Mojo in the Dojo pt. 5
1. Clear 3 Karate Kids
2. Have Jerome Mix Kung Fu Cocktails

Mojo in the Dojo pt. 6
1. Have Dojo Peter Pick Up Dry Cleaning
2. Attack a Nerd
3. Have Jerome Learn Taiko

Mojo in the Dojo pt. 7
1. Earn 4 Fight Contracts
2. Defeat 2 Nerds
3. Place Jean Claude Van’s Vans

Mojo in the Dojo pt. 8
1. Defeat Mr. Washee Washee
2. Check Back Next Week!
Quest complete until next week!

Walk Like a Man (Walking Joe’s Quest)
Walk Like a Man pt. 1
1. Have Walking Joe Trash His Wheelchair
2. Have Lois Shave Her Legs

Walk Like a Man pt. 2
1. Have Walking Joe Run Like Rocky
2. Have Bonnie Do Leg Lifts

Walk Like a Man pt. 3
1. Have Walking Joe Show Off His Man Gams
2. Have Quagmire Admire Joe’s Calves

Walk Like a Man pt. 4
1. Have Walking Joe Take a Ballet Class
2. Have Seamus Visit Siblings
End of quest!

Martial Farts (Dojo Peter’s Quest)
Martial Farts pt. 0
1. Create the Dojo Peter Outfit

Martial Farts pt. 1
1. Have Dojo Peter Unleash Martial Farts
2. Have Lois Do the Laundry

Martial Farts pt. 2
1. Have Dojo Peter Jump and Flail
2. Have Bonnie Drink Sake

Martial Farts pt. 3
1. Have Dojo Peter Loosen His Black Belt
2. Have Chris Snore in Meditation
End of quest!

Karate Kidding (Daniel LaRusso’s Quest)
Karate Kidding pt. 0
1. Unlock Daniel LaRusso
2. Have Daniel Stub His Knee
3. Learn How to Recruit Daniel LaRusso

Karate Kidding pt. 1
1. Have Daniel Do Karate Chores
2. Have Lois Watch “The Karate Kid”

Karate Kidding pt. 2
1. Have Daniel LaRusso Tour the Town
2. Have Bonnie Drink Sake

Karate Kidding pt. 3
1. Have Daniel LaRusso Catch Flies With Chopsticks
2. Have Chris Play With His Food
End of quest!

Enter the Fat Man (Side Quest)
Enter the Fat Man pt. 1
1. Learn About Combat
2. Fight 1 Nerd
End of quest!

You’re the Best Around! (Challenge Quest)
You’re the Best Around!
1. Clear X Karate Kids
2. Defeat X Nerds
End of quest!

And that wraps up the quests for this week. Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


8 thoughts on “Kung Pow Quahog Quests (Week 1)”

  1. another questline popped up jus a little bit ago called “Winner’s Circle”,basically the one for each prize or buildings tho like in pasts.


  2. Part 4– “mediate in the garden” is for Danielson? If I unlock that part does the timer auto start or will their be the check mark that doesn’t count? Am I making sense? Would like to hold off on him til I have Peter, but don’t want to get jammed up on the questline. Thanks!


  3. i’m actually kinda liking the japanese stuff because i do have a whole park kind of thing designed with the stuf in the store already and i’ll be able to jus add this new stuff to it make it better YAY kung fu!!!😂♥️❤️


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