Road to Bollywood Extended


As per the in-game FAQs, this mini-event has been extended until Thursday, January 19 at 12:00PM PST. Presumably the next event will follow after that time.


7 thoughts on “Road to Bollywood Extended”

  1. jus got a update for the game on iOs and nothing is there yet no changes or anything yet just the game icon changed! it’s version 1.36.0 and the next event is something about “kung-fu fighting”….so i wasn’t too excited when i read what it’s going to be about tho.


  2. Figure it out people: They know EXACTLY where players are in the event. By not telling anyone that the event is going to be extended, they got everyone who was close to purchase the items they needed with clams. And now since the next event wasn’t ready any way, they can drag a few more people closer to the end and hope to entice that group to spend clams to finish things. They don’t make decisions with fairness in mind; they make decisions to generate revenue. And if you think otherwise, just look at how events are structured, especially the last few. They keep you close and then don’t take you over the finish line so that you will spend clams because you are tantalizingly close and want some reward for your week’s worth of effort.

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    1. This happened to me the last time they extended an event. I thought I was out of time and spent clams to finish off a character. The next day I was shocked to see the event still live. I voiced my complaint through their game support and surprisingly they reimbursed the full amount I spent on that character. Doesn’t hurt to ask.


  3. This really makes me mad! Why couldn’t they tell us this morning. I had 114 out of the 115 coins to get Ganesha. I was at level 5x and needed the 19 thingamajigs to get 1 more. My timer on Ganesha was to expire at 8 pm so I wasted a good number of clams to get it before 6 pm eastern time. Bummer! 😡

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  4. OF COURSE!!! of course, certainly OF COURSE!!!!…they would choose to extend this & THEN put the memo out a couple of hours AFTER the deadline!? i thought it was ending at the correct time(around 6pm over here on my side)& bought one of the buildings that i really wanted to add to myy collection so in turn spending up the very little Gupees i had saved up. basically i gave up just a little bit before i thought it was going to end. So after noticing it was way after 6 with the event content still up i’m thinking oh there’s probably a delay of some kind or whatever came up… bet everybody freaked out bought a bunch of clams jus to get the characters right away so smooth move TinyCo., always a step ahead of the business game🤢🤢🤢🤢


  5. THat is bull. I was not going to make it so I stopped trying this morning. I spent what tokens I had on stuff I didn’t want and haven’t been trying for Ganesha anymore. These people suck.

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