Mini Event Edition: What Really Grinds Your Gears?


Welcome to our – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!

TinyCo kicked 2017 off with back to back mini events; the Best of 2016 event and the Road to Bollywood event.

Mini events tend to be easier and more fun (in my opinion) but there could be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

The Road to Bollywood update has been live for a few days now, has there been anything in particular that has almost made you tap that uninstall button?!

We would really like to hear what was grinding your gears – is it having the same characters being used? Is it the horrible drop rates? Are you bored with these short events? Whatever it is, we would love to hear what has been grinding your gears since last year!


15 thoughts on “Mini Event Edition: What Really Grinds Your Gears?”

  1. i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they extend this event this time? why? honestly, I’m actually enjoying this event like ALOT…unlike the “Best Of” last one && i’m definitely WELL on my way(if extended of course) to getting& unlocking Belly Dancer Stewie& Ganesha. from a freemium player’s standpoint if playing consistently& smoothly, i think we always get the short end of the stick of course. they KNOW putting out events like this make their paychecks obviously because of all the money spend on clams jus to move on a LITTLE bit. i know everybody gotta work, everybody gotta make a check for themselves& families, but jus imagine the money that goes into this game jus from buying clam packages!…i hope alot of us also write it to extend this event because i absolutely love it alot and from what i’ve read around so far: players are mad! they’re getting so damn bored& majority of the time we get so DISCOURAGED about playing so hard and still fall just a centimeter from the finish line


  2. It is getting to hard without paying. I didn’t get kaplan, and at this rate I won’t get anything from this one either.
    I bought clams when they were on sale, but I doubt I will be buying anymore.


  3. The mini events are too mini and I play everyday. There’s never enough time to unlock characters. The drop rate might not be as much of an issue if items are dropped more. (I’m not talking about 6-8 hours….I’m talking clicking on something and have an item actually drop when the time is up). This game was fun two years ago but now has become boring and impossible to advance in a decent amount of time. Other issues include having characters that don’t play a part……Ever!! I’m not saying give Alien a bigger role….But what about the main and secondary characters having something to do besides sit there? From event to event it has become the opinion of a lot of players out there that the programmers have become lazy and we’re frustrated about not being heard

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    1. Their response to idle characters was Tan Lines, but now I’ve got everything from there too. I have an army of fire creatures.
      They could at least keep up with the TL items. They haven’t added any new ones since it started.


      1. Agreed. They should let us use Tan Lines Stewie Bucks to purchase old event characters — like Commander William Riker, Koolaid Man, and Bottomtooth


  4. I would like to agree with Dragon about mini-events being easier and more fun, but these last two don’t fit that bill. I failed to get Jim Kaplan despite many, many tries at his tokens. For the current event, the time table is too short to use the “boss” format. The only way to maximize your success is to build up the items and take one good shot at the climb up the meter. But with this event, the drops are not “always” and I seem to be in that group of players who TinyCo has decided to give bad luck for this event so Peter and Jerome have had more than a few empty drops. I don’t mind having these events take all week so I stay invested in the game, but it is not enjoyable to have TinyCo decide that it isn’t my turn to be successful. They are sapping the fun out of the events and now they are sapping the fun out of the mini-events. Maybe it is time to find a new game.

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  5. Eh. I started playing Simpsons and while it seems to have as much cash only content there’s still at least a bunch of stuff to do for free. The pace seems easier to deal with, and they have a much larger character base to go from. FG royally pissed me off with the last CS message and they will get no more cash from me. I may be weaning off of it. They really killed my drive.


      1. I had made an attempt at the red ghost character in the video game event and received a single rainbow. This was 130 clams. So I messaged support about this being unacceptable, which it most certainly is. I looked through the possible prizes and saw rainbows but didn’t pay attention to the number, they always have those stupid things that aren’t worth it but you can use and it was the beginning of the event so no big deal, but I didn’t notice it said 1. Since when are these things that blatant of a rip off, you know? So I complained and they didn’t answer. Twice, although there was a second issue in the second message that they did fix but they never said a word about the 130 clams. The third time I wrote back I was pissed and said this was ridiculous, they can’t possibly think a single rainbow was an acceptable return for 130 clams and they had better do something. They answered back that “they were sorry I had bad luck and I had better look more carefully before I click on things in the future. And I had been compensated in the past for things so I really should know by now”. Oooh no you didn’t! I wrote back telling them to compare what I had spent on this game compared to the couple times they gave a few clams for my troubles and kiss it all goodbye, they were never getting money from me again. And I told them exactly what I thought of their so called customer serviice and where they could shove it.


    1. Omg! I got that smart assed answer to pay more attention to what I bought before I bought it crap also! I was so mad that they answered me like that! They will never see another penny from me. It’s hard to quit just because all the money and time I have in the dang game. That answer tho! I feel ya!


  6. Only thing that grinds my gears is yes the drop rates but also the amount of rare items needed to advance in getting new characters. Uncommon would be better suited, especially when it comes to the mini events. It’s not enough time when all the rare stuff only drops once in a blue moon (literally)


  7. Having millions of coins and nothing good to spend them on.

    Too many useless decos.

    Too many character costumes.

    Nothing to do with Stevie Bucks after the Evil Monkey.

    Not enough opportunities to buy old characters like Commander William Riker with coins or Stewie Bucks.


  8. BORED! Tired of the game. Don’t PAY you don’t progress. Drop rates are terrible. They set you up to fail.

    Only a small group of characters ever get used. The rest of them just sit in Tanlines. 194 of them doing nothing.

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  9. Nothing does anymore. I nuked my island last week and was going to rebuild stacking building next to building with no roads and fit 2-1/2 years worth of buildings on my island but the building don’t tell you their dimensions and the server is so slow that it is impossible to align buildings so I haven’t bothered. I only have the building I need as I go now. Just check it a couple times a day so I may be finally done with this game that I have been playing since week one. Proud to say I didn’t spend a dime on it.


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