Road to Bollywood Info

The Road to Bollywood mini-event is now live. Brian is directing a Bollywood film in the name of true love! Help him deal with on-set divas Ganesha and Belly Dancer Stewie to create a blockbuster movie! Continue reading for more info and click here for this events quests.


Check out TinyCo’s FAQ page for more informartion; it’s quite good.

New Characters
200 Rupees (Always) 20 Veils (Uncommon) 20 Eyeliner (Rare) 15 Bangles (Rare)
Get by clearing Tigers Get by making offerings to Ganesha! Make Lois Griffin Primp Up (8) Make Quagmire Tidy Up After Part (4)
Get by making offerings to Ganesha! Make Bonnie Swanson Get Glammed Up (8) Make Meg Griffin Show Off (4)
Get from the Divine Stewie Shrine (10) Make Chris Griffin Apply Kohl (8) Get form Outdoor Bazaar (4)
Get from Home Sweet India (8)

Tiger Brian – 260 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Clears Tigers

Ganesha – 115 Rupees

Premium Buildings:
Divine Brian Statue – 230 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops one of each material every 8 hours to appease Ganesha
Divine Stewie Shrine – 130 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Always drops 15 rupees every 10 hours

Freemium Buildings:
Taj Mahal – 1,000 Rupees
Outdoor Bazaar – 150 Rupees, Chance to drop 2x Bangels
Bollywood Set – 130 Rupees
Home Sweet India – 120 Rupees, Chance drop 2x Eyeliner
Millionaire Game Show Set – 110 Rupees
Quahog Yoga Studio – 100 Rupees

Premium Decorations:
Male Bollywood Dancer – 10 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg
Female Bollywood Dancer – 10 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg

Freemium Decorations:
Bollywood Elephant – 75 Rupees
Autorickshaw Cab – 60 Rupees

How do I get Peanuts?

Peanuts can be obtained from the Divine Brian Shrine, material packs, and the following actions:
Have Peter Take a Snack Break
Have Jerome Restock Bar Snacks
Have Belly Dancer Stewie Eat Ants on a Log

How do I get Sitars?

Sitars can be obtained from the Divine Brian Shrine, material packs, and the following actions:
Have Peter Flirt With Chicks
Have Jerome Bring the Funk
Have Belly Dancer Stewie Listen to Raffi

How do I get Flower Garlands?

Flower Garlands can be obtained from the Divine Brian Shrine, material packs, and the following actions:
Have Peter Hula Dance
Have Jerome Spruce up the Bar
Have Belly Dancer Stewie Shake Everything

Multiplier Requirements Rewards
1x 2 Peanuts/Sitars/Flower Garlands 3 Blessings, 25 Rupees, and 1 Veil
2x 5 Peanuts/Sitars/Flower Garlands 9 Blessings, 75 Rupees, and 3 Veils
3x 8 Peanuts/Sitars/Flower Garlands 15 Blessings, 125 Rupees, and 5 Veils
4x 11 Peanuts/Sitars/Flower Garlands 21 Blessings, 175 Rupees, and 7 Veils
5x 19 Peanuts/Sitars/Flower Garlands 36 Blessings, 300 Rupees, and 12 Veils

And that wraps up the basic information for this event.

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


13 thoughts on “Road to Bollywood Info”

  1. 2nd pathetic premium event once again. both outrageous item drops chances& only 2 out of the numerous characters we have that fills 5-7 TanLines Resort floors are being used for the once again failed boss attacks. Me PERSONALLY, think it’s time. it’s not even the second month of 2017 and these week-long mini-events should jus be sealing the deal for us freemium players. bet they’re losing so many players at the moment this year ALREADY because of this strange-turn around way when we were starting to think they finally were “listening” to us players& our feedback, but nope. like getting stabbed in the back& then the front🖕🏼


    1. Totally agreed. The absolute best part of this ‘game’ in recent months has been how much closer it’s coming to being extra space on my phone.
      The greed scale in the Family Guy: Quest For Clam-Buyers has gotten very close to eating itself. Even Simpsons Tapped Out is more player-friendly than this now. A lot more.


  2. Sorry for posting this here but has anyone’s Black Jesus dropped clams yet? I’ve had him on his clam dropping task for the last week throughout and he never dropped a single clam? I understand it’s a rare drop but nothing after a full week? That can’t be right?


      1. Strange. I sent a request to the helpdesk and they replied stating that they’re investigating this at current. Also another two days without drop went by. Must be working for some but not for others… bizarre.


      2. That’s really nothing unusual. Regular Jesus can go weeks without dropping, then do it 3 times in a week. It really doesn’t drop often.


      3. Thanks Barb for the insight. Looks like it might be ok then after all… we shall see what the helpdesk comes back with 😉


    1. Should be when you get to part three of the main questline. A mini-event with 3 new characters/outfits, 2 freemium? I think that’s pretty good. Plus this really only focuses on that one episode.


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