Best of 2016 Mini-Event Info

The Best of 2016 Mini-Event is now live. Try and unlock past characters you may have missed to help unlock the second new character (first was Negatron) of 2017!


New Characters
Kaplan Tokens (Always) Giant Chicken Red Riding Hood Stewie Ollie Williams
Make Cowboy Astronaut Millionaire Peter Reminisce About 2016 (24) Have Giant Chicken Chicken Fight (4) Have Red Riding Hood Stewie Pack for a Picnic (4) Have Ollie Williams Scare Birds (4)
Make Minstrel Bruce Reminisce About 2016 (24)
Giant Chicken Tokens (Always)
Make Hercules Reminisce About 2016 (24)
Make Fairy Godmayor West Reminisce About 2016 (24)
Ollie Williams Tokens (Always)
Make Cheerleader Bonnie Reminisce About 2016 (24)
Little Red Riding Hood Stewie Tokens (Always)
Make Joe Reminisce About 2016 (24)
Make Centaur Joe Reminisce About 2016 (24)
Make Fat Brian Reminisce About 2016 (24)

Freemium Buildings:
Argo Ship – 6 Building Tokens
The Lost City – 6 Building Tokens
Magic Candy Utopia – 3 Building Tokens
Poison Plant Nursery – 4 Building Tokens
The Jolly Roger – 9 Building Tokens
Charming Cove – 8 Building Tokens
Mount Olumpus – 10 Building Tokens
Neverland – 10 Building Tokens
Prince Charming’s Castle – 5 Building Tokens
McBurgertown in Space – 2 Building Tokens
Mauisarus Water Show – 7 Building Tokens

Freemium Decorations:
Jumbotron – 1 Building Tokens

What is The Carnival Pack?
The Carnival Pack is purchased with 10 Jim Kaplan Tokens and randomly generates any 3 of the following:
Giant Chicken Token
Jim Kaplan Token
Ollie Williams Token
Little Red Riding Hood Stewie Token
Building Token

What are Building Tokens?
Building Tokens are dropped by character actions and are used to purchase Best of 2016 items from the shop. They are dropped by the following characters:
Neil Goldman

What are Darts?
Darts are required to play the Dart Game. You can see which characters drop Darts by clicking the “Best of 2016” button by the shop in the lower-right corner of the screen. Darts can also be purchased from the shop using Clams.

How do you get tickets?
Tickets are dropped from popping balloons at the Dart Game and are used to purchase The Carnival Packs from the shop.

It’s a straight forward event. Pick up a few characters you might’ve missed last year and start 2017 with a shiny new Jim Kaplan.


34 thoughts on “Best of 2016 Mini-Event Info”

  1. I thought getting Jim Kaplan would be easy since I had the other characters already. The first day I got 4 Kaplan tokens but since then it’s just been mostly building tokens. Right now I have 12 and it’s doesn’t look good. 😞


  2. If you log on via Android you now get 24 darts as a ‘sorry’ from TinyCo for the login problems… this also works if you play on both Android and iOS…

    Nice gesture, although I already got Jim Kaplan yesterday so I don’t need more darts.

    For the 20 Jim Kaplan tokens I also got 48 building tokens so the droprate overall remained about one in three to one in four. If you need other character tokens I would guess they drop with a similar rate so you can estimate how many boxes you’ll need and thus how many balloons you’ll need to pop. Good luck!


  3. This game frustrates more and more ……

    I play two games and collect for both at the same times. I have been patient with my dart throwing and have pretty much stayed even between the two games with my carnival packs. In one game I just completed the 20 tokens for Jim Kaplan and in the other game I am sitting on 10 and have not gotten one since Saturday. I will collect one more time today, three tomorrow and two Wednesday. Without expert dartsmanship, I don’t see any way possible to generate enough carnival packs to even get 10 shots at tokens in that time. And that’s assuming one drops each time. I don’t understand how what appeared to be a simple slam dunk of an event became mostly impossible. What sense does it make to devise a timed event and set the drop rates so poorly that most people won’t even come close to finishing? Is that how we want to start 2017 TinyCo?


  4. A new Mystery Box ‘Beasts of 2016’ at 150 clams. For me it only contained Big Bad Brian and Billy Finn. I HAD to get Billy Finn (I LOVE Ricky Gervais) and luckily got him on the first try 🙂 Just found out that he isn’t voiced though 😦 but still nice to get him.

    Oh and I’m three tokens away from Jim Kaplan and then this event is done with for me… got about 40 useless building tokens which means drop rate of Kaplan tokens is 17/57 or about one in three. Seems okay.

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  5. Well, sad to see they are using the most annoying approach from 2016 with this token drop. It wasn’t any fun in the holiday event and it is even less so now. Still need 10 more Jim tokens. Have plenty of building tokens. Really don’t want any more.

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  6. I don’t have any of the characters so I’m skeptical that I could get them in a week. But I’m glad for the opportunity to try to get characters I missed

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    1. Same here. Especially as all the drops so far have been more or less even for all 3 characters (when they’re not building tokens!) I can see me ending up with half the necessary tokens for all the characters which is useless (and frustrating) It’s a shame there isn’t an option to go for just one character and then there would at least be more chance of getting it. Apart from a few buildings that we didn’t really want anyway, I can’t see this event being particularly fruitful for us newer players, which is a shame because you’d think it would be a good opportunity for us to try and catch up.

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  7. I just started the event, I forgot I had a Kindle Fire for emergencies. It works on there! I wish I would have remembered it sooner.


  8. um kinda crazy this all ends Jan 11th in which today is the 5th?!…i’m thinking it’s NOT gonna be enough time for alot of players out there ESPECIALLY the ones who don’t have any of these characters like us long-term players. so hopefully they change the deadline!


    1. Should be pretty easy to get the first three characters. While working on them, you’ll be working on Jim anyway so close to the end of the event, you should have earned all the characters.


      1. well i’m only trying to unlock Giant Chicken and the James dude because i already have Ollie and Little Red Riding Hood Stewie, but i really don’t know what to think about this super-mini Best Of event tho Lol i feel like they could have done alot more possibly or somehow make it more…interesting maybe? idk but it’s definitely a nice little break!…back to designing and decorating my Quahog for a week straight😂🤣


  9. There is an update for Android that kinda allows you to play new event. ( Warning!!! Make sure your game is linked to Facebook or Google) After download clear your data from FG app. Start the game, log in into the game with your user name, Google or Facebook. Than you can play the new event, but when you exit and want to play again you have to clear the data again or you going to get the error basic_sting::_S_create. I noticed that after I started the event on My Android device the event now works on Facebook


      1. I once got four. The trick is getting multiple balloons directly on top of each other as only those hit pretty much centrally in the middle of the balloon will count.


  10. I for one am thrilled to only have to go into my game every six hours and I will comfortably have a new character in a few days. The last four months have been such a grind. I like this idea and wish they would do it more often and make available some of the characters that were leaderboard prizes or mystery box items that perhaps weren’t readily available to everyone.


  11. I have RR Stewie, Ollie and Giant Chicken and just completed their respective four hour quests for Jim Kaplan. Does this mean that apart from useless buildings the only thing I could need is Jim Kaplan? I should easily get his 20 tokens (already got two) but this then is a pretty rubbish best of 2016 event isn’t it?


    1. Lol, impossible to please everyone. Last year it was too difficult, this year it’s too easy. Unless you like grinding events out 52 weeks a year, this is a much needed change.


  12. My question is, except for the Jumbotron, which I didn’t have and you have to buy via quest, why would I want to buy any of the other items, since I have them all. And since I do, why are they being offered? I can see the cash and XP drop rates are different for these items being offered than the ones I have, but they are visually the same buildings.
    I pulled all of them out of inventory and they are identical except for the drops.


  13. so Neil Goldman is the only other character who drops building tokens ?…, asking to find out just because i don’t wanna take ALL my characters out of the resort to check Lol


  14. thank goodness i already have Ollie and Little Red Riding Hood Stewie and only have to worry about this James dude & swear ima try my hardest to get Giant Chicken this time!!


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