Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Event Wrap Up

As the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Christmas event is set to end on January 4th, 2017 ~ 3:00 PM PST, we look back at everything that was featured and what to do with your remaining currency.

NEXT EVENT: No idea… yet?

No idea what the next event will be. Could be a “Best of 2016” event but no information yet.


Remember, only character quests will continue after the event. Everything else will disappear.
Week 1 Quests
Week 2 Quests
Week 3 Quests
Week 4 Quests
Week 5 Quests


Remember, you can’t continue to work on unlocking them; only fully unlocked characters will be yours forever.

Week 1

Italian Plumber Chris
Christmas Morning Peter

Week 2

Baby Bobble Stewie
Troll Doll Mort
Monkey Kong

Week 3

80s Gamer Brian
8-bit Lois

Week 3

Angel of Death
Blinky The Ghost
Black Jesus

Week 3

Toy Car Joe
Onesie Mayor West


If you still have any Stocking Stuffers lying around and you would like to use it up, TinyCo has released a mystery box with all the event areas featured. At a cost of 250 qnssn_stockstuff per try, here’s what you can win:

Christmas Clock
Toyland Gate
Puppet Theater
Oversized Toys
Russian Nesting Dolls
Toy Zeppelin
Nutcracker Brian Statue
Mouse King Stewie
Green for Speed Arcade Machine

That wraps up Quahog’s Not So Silent Night. This event truly sucked out a lot of the fun that could’ve been had. Even so, hopefully you found our posts helpful/useful. If you’re still working on anything, you only have a couple hours so keep on trucking and try your best before the next event goes live.

Were you able to unlock any or all of the freemium characters? Did you purchase any of the premium ones? Any ideas about the next event? Comment below!


9 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Event Wrap Up”

  1. missed Black Jesus by only 6 freakin wreath crowns& pretty bummed about it. Once again this ALWAYS happens to me. i play my hardest on unlocking characters, buildings, everything in between and always coming up short because of the deadlines or whatever. But it’s whatevs time to move on.Onto the next event😁


  2. I’m expecting the next event will be a ‘Best of 2016’ event, which will allow me to take a break from the game for awhile.


  3. I’ve been feeling the same between this and Avengers Academy. Both events seem to be screwing us over with rare drops needed to proceed. I just yesterday finally got Pixel Lois, that should tell you how badly I got nailed by random/rare drops.


  4. Just got the last two wreaths for Black Jesus this morning so I’m now sorted. 🙂 Off to clear the character quests now, and I might even be able to complete the main weekly quest before event end.

    Not bad for an event where in total I probably spent five clams (plus I bought Pac Man out of sentimentality but it didn’t help much I think) to rush the odd task before night time 🙂 I even got Monkey Kong with a bit of advance planning on when to trigger his seven day timer.

    I have to say despite the bad drop rates I actually liked this event, I’ve never before made it into a final week, so it went really well for me.

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  5. They should extend the event about 2-3 days to allow people an extra chance to unlock some character as a reward for holding this event.
    I had never complained about any event.
    But this event has been frustrating for most players, even for premium players.

    Personally I was fine until I got to week 4, although I had already had problems with Peach and some item. In week 4 I was 9 days without getting any “fluffy cloud” was desperate, and until yesterday I did not get to unlock it.
    With the care package another problem.
    I have an average of 8 ~ 10 package per day, but only 2 ~ 3 bears per day; Almost always got 3 ghost gift.
    Still I was pulling and I have almost to Black Jesus and with 1 ~ 2 days more I could unlock it.

    I do not think it will cost them much work, have the kindness to lengthen the event 2 ~ 3 days so that some players can unlock some characters in this extra time. Please


  6. I have purchased literally everything there is to buy — including tons of the items that repeat — and I still have 30,000 stocking stuffer candy canes left. Just like in real life, nobody wants those. LOL

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  7. I finished everything there is to do in this event several days ago, including all 30 items. The last to go was the Battleship water decoration. Black Jesus is sweet because of the 1 free clam per day. I’ve collected several from him. Will that free clam continue after the event ends or not? I hope they bring back the Star Trek event. That is, by far, the best thing they ever did.


  8. After buying all the gift boxes I still have over 37000 candy canes left. I haven’t gotten the last item from the last 2 sets in the shop and doubt I will. I know I won’t get the 50some needed power ball things for the one. I might get the last one, I need a few more oil cans or whatever those are. I’m not worried about the challenge, I missed the last one anyway so I can’t get the baby so why bother. I haven’t destroyed negadude even once yet since it started so I doubt it will happen. I didn’t buy Joe or Chris’ outfit. Missed on the gift box and didn’t get the pac man ghost. I did it twice, got a dog thing the first time and a single rainbow the last.That’s what put me over the edge and prompted my last bitchy support ticket. What a rip off.
    They never answered my last bitchy support ticket but they broke me, no more cash from me. They can have the gift card I get for itunes every 3 months for $50 and that’s it. I’m losing interest. I kind of like the Simpson’s game but it’s not very challenging so far.


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